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Muslim World Qs

What country's national animal is the Polo Sheep? Afghanistan
Who's national flower is the tulip? Afghanistan
What country's favorite sport is Buzkashi (goat grabbing)? Afghanistan
Which countries are an Islamic Republic Afghanistan and Iran
Which country's capital is Kabul? Afghanistan
Where is the national anthem called Milli Surood? Afghanistan
Whose national symbol is the lion? Afghanistan
Whose president is Hamid Karzai? Afghanistan
Which country's currency is called Afghani? Afghanistan
In which country can only 1 in every 5 women read? Afghanistan
Whose official language is Arabic? Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan
Where has the Al-Qaeda taken over Fallujah? Iraq
Where is the main religion Sunni Islam? Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan
Where is considered inappropriate to eat with your left hand? Iraq
What country used to be Mesopotamia? Iraq
Where is the president Jalal Talabani? Iraq
What country uses the Iraqi dinar as currency? Iraq
What country's capital is Baghdad? Iraq
Which country's government is a federal republic? Iraq
Which countries have a main religion of Islam? Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan
Which countries economy is dominated by the oil sector? Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq
Which country had an independence day of May 14, 1948? Israel
Which country's national anthem is the Hatikvah? Israel
Which country's national symbol is the Star of David? Israel
Which country is ranked #2 for venture capital funds (US is first)? Israel
Which country has the world's second highest per capita of new books (new books per person) Israel
In which country was voice mail technology developed? Israel
In which country did Microsoft and Cisco build their only R&D (research & development) facilities that are outside the US? Israel
Which country's capital is Jerusalem? Israel
Which countries are on the continent of Asia? Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan
Which countries have a parliamentary democracy? Israel and Egypt
In which country are the languages Hebrew and Arabic? Israel
What country is the only primarily Jewish country in the world? Israel
Where is Shimon Peres the president? Israel
Where is the currency the Israeli shekel? Israel
Where is the capital Riyadh? Saudi Arabia
Where does a man's headdress consist of three items? Saudi Arabia
In which country do women completely cover themselves in public? Saudi Arabia
In which countries is the economy a free market economy (capitalism)? Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan
Which country has a monarchy? Saudi Arabia
If you travel to this country, you have to cover up gold chains or crosses Saudi Arabia
In this country, women's outfits are all black, and men's outfits are all white Saudi Arabia
Where are the shoes for the traditional outfits sandals? Saudi Arabia
Which country has a currency of the Saudi riyal? Saudi Arabia
Where is the root of the arak tree used as a toothbrush? Saudi Arabia
Which country is the fourth in the world in executions? Saudi Arabia
Where is it illegal to practice sorcery or magic? Saudi Arabia
Which country is the 14th largest in the world? Saudi Arabia
Where is Ankara the capital? Turkey
Where is the currency the Turkish lira? Turkey
Which country originally brought coffee to England? Turkey
Which country has Lake Van as its biggest lake? Turkey
Which country is believed by some scientists and scholars to be the landing place of Noah's Ark? Turkey
Where did the name of Santa Claus originate? Turkey
Which country has an area of 302,535 square miles? Turkey
Which country has Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Turkey
Which country's official language is Turkish? Turkey
Which country has a moon and star on their flag? Turkey
Which country is Cairo the capital of? Egypt
Which country is home to the sphinx? Egypt
Which countries are located on more than one continent? Egypt and Turkey
Which country is home to the Pyramids of Giza? Egypt
Which country uses the Egyptian pound as its currency? Egypt
Which countries have a provisional government? Egypt and Libya
Which country is home to the mouth of the Nile River? Egypt
Which country was once ruled by ancient pharaohs? Egypt
Which country has the largest population in an Arab city? Egypt
Which country uses fly swatters as a fashion item? Egypt
Which country has the international day of October 23? Libya
Which country is the only country to have a solid flag? Libya
Which country uses the Libyan dinar as its currency? Libya
Which country has Moammar al-Gaddafi as a dictator? Libya
Which country has map coordinates of 25N 17E? Libya
Where was General Bokella from? Libya
Where is Queen Fatima from? Libya
What country is Battoras from? Libya
Which country has the capital of Tripoli? Libya
Which country has no womens rights? Libya
Which country is the largest producer of pistachio nuts? Iran
Tehran is the capital of what country? Iran
In what country are women not allowed to attend sporting events? Iran
Which country has the currency called Rial? Iran
In which country are households forbidden to have satellite television? Iran
Which country was formerly called Persia? Iran
Where is most of the population Shiite Muslim? Iran and Iraq
In what country it is legal for a man to have up to four wives? Iran
Where is the official language Farsi? Iran
Which country's name means Land of Ayrans? Iran
Created by: LouCat
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