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unit 8 Latin America


What was the Columbian Exchange? The exchange of people, animals, plants, and even diseases between the Old World and the New World. European brought horses, cattle, chicken pox, sugar. The New World had maize (corn), tomatoes, potatoes, llamas
What were conquistadors? Spanish conquerors; fortune hunters who were able to keep a percentage of the valuables they found
Which animal brought to them in the Columbian Exchange helped native people hunt and trade over a larger area? Horse and cattle
What is one effect of slavery that influences Latin America today? Many people are descended from slaves
What were two causes for the decimation of the indigenous population? Diseases and slavery
What two things enabled the Spanish to defeat the indigenous populations so easily? Better weapons and diseases
Why were Africans brought to the Americas as slaves? Because there were not enough natives available for work on plantations
In what two jobs were enslaved natives forced to work? Plantations and mines
What are the two official languages in Latin America? Why? Spanish and Portuguese; The Spaniards and Portuguese colonized most of South America
Between what three areas did Triangular Trade take place? Americas, Europe, Africa
What is the most predominant religion in Latin America? Roman Catholicism
What does indigenous mean? native
How did the religions of the indigenous people change with the arrival of the Europeans? Many changed from traditional polytheistic religions to Roman Catholicism
What happened to most of the indigenous that were enslaved? they died because of warfare and disease
Why were conquistadors in Latin America? God, gold, and glory
What was an impact of the African slave trade on Latin America? there was a blending of ethnic groups in Latin America.
After the revolution, what type of government was created in Cuba and who created it? A communist government was created by Fidel Castro
Why did the Soviet Union help Cuba (with aid and money) after the Cuban Revolution? Cuba was communist during the Cold War.
Why did the US and the Soviet Union almost have a nuclear war? The Cuban Missile Crisis: Castro allow the Soviet Union to build a nuclear missile launch site in Cuba
While food was transferred between the Old and New Worlds during the Columbian Exchange, a negative effect was ... diseases spread, too
How did horses transform Native American cultures? Native Americans could migrate and hunt more easily
What was a result of Castro's revolution in Cuba The US and USSR tensions increased (Cold War)
The main motivations for colonial expansion across the Americas were, for the conquistadors.... religious conversion and trade
After the Spanish exploration of the Americas, they did what? constructed haciendas and ranchos for farming.
instituting sweeping land reforms, nationalizing private commerce and industry, seizing American businesses and agricultural estates were all a part of whose policies? Early Policies under Fidel Castro
The Cuban Revolution resulted in an alliance between Cuba and _________ the Soviet Union
The U.S. responded to the Cuban Revolution by placing an embargo on Cuba
The Columbian Exchange affected Latin American history ...` because guns, diseases, plants and animals were found in new places.
Why did Europeans choose slaves from Africa as a labor source in the New World? Indigenous people were in short supply due to warfare and disease
What type of government was Cuba after the revolution and who created it? communist government; Fidel Castro
Which religion did the European conquerors bring to the indigenous people in Latin America? Catholicism (Christianity)
What language is spoke in Brazil? Portuguese
Why do most Mexicans speak Spanish and practice Catholicism? They were colonized by Spain
Latin America is ethnically diverse. Which ethnic groups blended? Indigenous, European, Africans
Why is there a cultural blending in Latin America and the Caribbean? intermarriage of European Settlers and indigenous people
What was the impact of the Cuban Revolution? Cubans have less political freedom
Which two countries were a part of the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS in 1962? The US and USSR
Why do people generally emigrate from the Mexico to the US? to have more economic opportunities
What happened to Cuba's economy after the Cuban Revolution? Cuba's economy suffered.
What impacts the people on the border of Mexico and the US the most? illegal drug traficking
Created by: ssha13
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