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SS Test 3/1/05

1862 - 1920

1860 - 1870's Questions1860 - 1870's Answers
1862 Homestead Act, Government offered 160 acres of land in the west if you agreed to live on it and farm it for 5 years.
Reasons to go West Free land, Gold, Adventure
Promontory Point, Utah Meeting point of Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads
Transcontinental Railroad Linked East/West coasts, used to move supplies and people. Opened the west to the great migration
When was the Transcontinental Railroad completed 1867
When did US purchase Alaska from Russia 1867
When did Boss Tweed's political machine come to power in NYC 1867
What did the political machines provide to poor people Services that government could not give them
When did steel plows come to the farmers on the Gret Plains 1870's
Steel Plows/ Dry Farming Break up the SOD on the great plains, helped keep moisture in the soil
Jim Crow Laws Existed mainly in the South. Came about after reconstruction, 1877 and lasted til the 1960's. Racial segregation
Andrew Carnegie Multi millionaire who controlled Seel Industry
When did Carnegie bring the Bessemer process to US Steel 1873
What was the Bessemer Process A cheap way to make steel
Who invented Barbed Wire Joseph Glidden
Why was barbed wire important Allowed farmers and ranchers to fence in the plains and keep cattle away from crops
Who invented the phonograph, light bulb and many other inventions Thomas Edison
When was the light bulb invented 1879
When was Barbed wire invented 1874
Created by: Tsmithandco