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River Valley Civiliz

Study Guide

Sumerians used levees and canals to __________________. control water in the valley
People from many villages had to work together to take care of ______________. the Sumerian irrigation systems
A settlement that has its own ruler and farmland is called a ______________. City-state
There was not enough farmland to support the growing population in the Zagros Mountains of northern Mesopotamia, which led people __________________. to move south in the river valley
Ancient Mesopotamia was located _______________________. between two rivers
It was more difficult to live in Sumer than in the Zagros foothills because Sumer lacked________________________. natural boundaries to keep out enemies
Hammurabi is best known for his __________. Code of Laws
A form of writing using wedge-shaped symbols is known as ________________. Cuneiform
Nebuchadrezzar II built an inner wall and an outer wall, towers for arches to stand on and a moat filled with water to _______________. to protect the city from attacks
The _____________________ of ancient Egypt were worshipped by people. Pharaohs
The ____________________ allowed scholars to decipher the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone
The need to irrigate farmland caused the ancient Egyptians to _______________. cooperate
The ________________________ was known as the “Golden Age” of Egyptian History. New Kingdom
The Nile River Delta was located in _____________. Lower Egypt
The purpose of mummification was to ensure that _________________. the spirit (ba) recognizes the body (ka)
Pharaoh ___________________ build the Great Pyramid of Giza. Khufu
The Nile River carries a natural fertilizer called _________________. silt
______________ is the god of embalming. Anubis
During the flooding season, Egyptian peasants would ______________________. Work on monuments for the Pharaoh
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