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AM HIST 5 Class Note

AM HIST 5 Class Notes

15 admenment guarantees right to all am males to vote regardless of race: who will enforce the law; a law is only good if t is enforced
Southern Republicianep Govt. (congressional reconstruction) US Army occupied the south., they were making sure blacks civil rights were protected; result large percent of black voters and elected officials
Scalawag negative term used to describe native white southern who supported rep rule in the south
Carpet Baggers negative term used to describe northerners who came to the south to help republican rule of the south
Decline of Republican Popularity republicans needed more money to offer assistance to Freedmen; started to raise taxes; problem: south was already in poverty, now the gov wanted more tax money; republicans lost popularity in the south (even among some blacks)
Counter Reconstruction Violence common in the south after the rep govtments lost influence; the north lost interest in maintaing strong military presences in the south; The KKK became active in most southern states
KU KLUX Klan Origin: unknown probably soon after the end of the civil war;
KKK Original Goal Club for former soldiers to drink and remember the good old days.
KKK Later Became a group dedicated to scaring and intimiting African Americans.
KKK Did not use the Confederate flag; Who was going to stop them?
Created by: mcain1994
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