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AM HIST 2 Class Note

AM HIST 2 Class Notes

End of Reconstruction 1877
Three types of Republicans Radical Moderate Conservative
Johnson’s Plan Provisional governor for each state; Qualified voters elect members to a constitutional convention; State must revoke succession ordinances
Abolish slavery Ratify the 13th amendment; Promise to pay war debts; “Temporary” Presidential Reconstruction
Three types of reconstruction presidential congressional counter
April 9,1865 Civil War Ends
Temporary presidential reconstruction Johnson implemented his plan while congress was not in session; Offered no protection for freedom; Freedmen were treated like slaves; Very lenient in the south; How would this be remedied?; Very easy on the south.
Effects of presidential reconstruction Black codes; Laws written to prevent blacks from taking a place in white society; What was going to stop it? Enforce the law.
Civil right act of 1866 Created to combat the black codesl; Johnson vetoed bill; Congress overrode the veto with a 2/3 vote of congress; First time in us history a presidential veto was thrown out; Johnson’s credibility?
14th amendment Addressed issues of civil rights for African Americans; Outlawed the black codes; If southern states refuse to follow they risked loosing representation in congress; Problem: Who would enforce the law?
End of Presidential Reconstruction Johnson implemented plans while congress was in recess; When Congress resumed session: Implemented a new plan for reconstruction; Recall: Johnson had very little power
Congressional Reconstruction (1867-1870) Military Reconstruction Act;Divide the South into 5 military districts Mississippi district 4; Universal Male Suffrage (vote); Again Johnson tried be veto the law; Congress over-rode veto
Reconstruction Acts Secure Freemond's right to vote; Create Southern run by republican governments; set readmission standard that required the south to admit defeat
Created by: mcain1994