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Ch. 8/9

Review Sheet

Important Indian chief who organized a confederation of Indian tribes, killed in the battle of Thames Tecumseh
Important naval hero who led a daring raid against the Barbary pirates Decatur
Leaders of a scientific expedition of the Louisiana Purchase Lewis & Clark
Symbol of peace, guide and interpreter for the expedition to explore Louisiana Sacagawea
President who purchase Louisiana Jefferson
Leader of an Indian religious movement who urged Indians to return to the ways of their ancestors The Prophet
Group in Congress that wanted war against the British War Hawks
Chief Justice whose decision in the Marbury vs. Madison case established the precedent of Judicial Review Marshall
Won the Battle of Lake Erie to give the U.S. control of Lake Erie Perry
Hero who defeated the Indians at the Battle of Tippecanoe Harrison
Led a slave revolt in Haiti that changed Napoleans plan to rebuild an empire in North America L'Ouverture
Hero in the Battle of New Orleans Jackson
Explored the southern part of the Louisiana Purchase Pike
Wrote the poem the "Star-Spangled Banner" Key
Judges appointed up until the very last minutes of Adams administration Midnight Judges
net to take care of Indian trouble on the border of Spanish Florida Jackson
Known as the "Liberator" for helping Latin American countries gain independence from Spain Simon Bolivar
Developed the American System in an attempt to unite the country and strengthen the economy of the U.S. Henry Clay
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