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Computar apps2

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Alias A file that points to another item, such as a program, document, folder, or disk.
Chevron Double arrows at end of tool bar that allow you to show buttons on two rows
Intranet a local or restricted communications network, especially a private network created using World Wide Web software
Master-slave relationship between dominate drive and the secondary one
Processor central processing unit
Search Engine it a software that retrieves info from other databases
Telecomunications includes all types of electronic communication services, including satellite, fiber-optic, computer-based transmission, telephone, and radio
C++ its a popular programming language
Cc Its a carbon Copy or a confidential copy and send the copy to an email.
Content Standard its a description of what students should know and in a particular discipline
.com a website that identifies the site a commercial
.edu its an educational site that deals with collage or school related things.
.org its a non-profit site that sees it also as non-governmental
Application software program that lets finished your task
Backup its a second copy of a data and info
Benchmark standard of what students should be at.
Browser software applications that allowed to view the internet.
Buffer a browser where data is stored
Byte Its a unit of space
cache memory section of a hardware where info has been stored.
CD-ROM a storage media that is able to store up to 660MB of information (e.g., text, graphics, audio, and full-motion video)
Cells Intersection of row and column in excel
Clip-art graphics pictures, sometimes called as click-art
clipboard a program that saves your info or copy
Columns a vertical arrangement of a cells identifies in letters
Computar is a programmable machine designed to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations.
Computer virius it destroys the computer and damages it.
Configure to set the details or structure of a system (e.g., operating system)
Hits number of search matches that are searched like google
GIF image formant an acronym for Graphical interchange formant
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