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Mid-Term Civics

American Citizenship,Political Parties and elections,Foundations+Constitution

Naturalization process 1. Immigration legally to the U.S.A and live in the U.S for 5 years
Citizen Term of are some born in the U.S.A who is consider an official member of our country
Alien Someone not born in the U.S but has permission to be here
illegal Alien Someone not born in the U.S & doesn't have permission to be in the U.S.A
What has led Americans's diverse society? Immigration and Naturalization
Duty Something you must do or face legal consequences
Responsibility Something you voluntary for
What are strategies for evaluating campaign advertising? Separate Fact from Opinion Detect Bias Evaluate sources identify Propaganda
High cost of campaigning Gives advance to wealth individual. Increase in special interest group instead of candidates Fundraising
Who really elects the president? Electoral College
Role of the Mass Media in elections? identify candidate say certain issue
What type of votes chooses the electors? popular vote
3rd parties emphasize certain topics introduce new ideas rarely win elections
How is the # of electoral votes for each state determined? # rep + senators (2) = electorals
In most State, candidates who win the popular vote, take all of the electoral votes. What is this system called? Winner takes all
Created by: katequiroga
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