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8SS_Civil War Unit 1

Civil War - Unit 1

In what year did the Civil War begin? 1861
In Cold Harbor, how many men fell? 7,000 in 20 minutes
What percentage of the U.S. population died in the war? 2% of the population; more than 620,000
In what state was the 1st major battle fought? Virginia at Manasses (Bull Run)
In what year did the Civil war end? 1865
In what year did the last veteran of the Civil War die? 1959
What percentage of slaves lived to be 60 years old? 4%
Since slave marriages had no legal status, preachers changed the wording of the vows to “Until death or __________ do you part. distance
What was Eli Whitney’s important invention? Cotton gin
How many pounds of cotton could be processed in one day with a gin? 1,000 pounds
By 1860, one out of _____ Americans belonged to another American (as slaves). 7
William Lloyd Garrison published an anti-slavery newspaper called “The _____________”. Liberator
What was Harriet Tubman called? Moses
Who was Mary Todd? Abraham Lincoln’s wife
In what year did Congress pass an act that allowed Kansas & Nebraska to decide for themselves whether or not to permit slavery? 1854
Who said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand?” Abraham Lincoln
Who led the raid on Harper’s Ferry armory & engine house, Sunday Oct. 16 1859? John Brown
What happened to John Brown on Dec. 2, 1859? He was executed
Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860 with _______% of the vote. 40
What was the 1st state to secede from the Union? South Carolina
What fort was attacked by rebels, sparking war with the North? Fort Sumter
Who was elected president of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
How many casualties were suffered in the shelling of Ft. Sumter? None; only one horse
Who was the 22-yr. old graduate of West Point who graduated at the bottom of his class? General George Armstrong Custer
Where was the Capital of the Confederacy? Richmond, Virginia
In 1861, what was the population in the North? 21 million
In 1861, what was the population in the South? 9 million
Who was Lincoln’s 1st choice to lead the Union Army? Robert E. Lee
How long did most people think the war would last? 90 days
Who did Lincoln appoint to be in charge of the Union Army? Irwin McDowell
What border-state city was occupied by the Union Army to keep it from seceding? Baltimore
What did Lincoln do when the Chief Justice said he had exceeded his authority? He ignored him
Where & when was the 1st major battle fought? Bull Run on July 21, 1861
What was General Thomas Jackson’s nickname? Stonewall
Who won the battle of Manassas (Bull Run)? The Confederacy under Stonewall Jackson
Who took over command of the Union Army (Army of the Potomac)? George B. McClellan
What did the newspapers call McClellan? “Young Napoleon”
1.) Drive into _______ & take ___________. 2.) Secure ______ & ________ & push into the south. 3.) Have the Navy clear the _________ River & surround the Confederacy by sea, choking off its supplies. Virginia; Richmond; Kentucky; Tennessee; Mississippi
What Union General was considered to be insane because he predicted that heavy casualties would be necessary? William Tecumseh Sherman
What happened to Sullivan Ballou? He was killed at the first battle of Bull Run
Who was Sullivan Ballou writing to? His wife in Smithfield, Rhode Island
By the end of the war the little town of Winchester Va. had changed hands ____ times? 72
Why did Elijah Hunt Rhodes want to go home? He wanted to see his mother.
Lincoln’s cabinet agreed on one issue; that Gen. George McClellan wasn’t moving ______ nough. fast
Where did McClellan want to float his Army? Fortress Monroe
What personal tragedy occurred for Lincoln on Feb. 20, 1862? His young son, Willie, died
What was the name of the Confederacy’s 1st ironclad ship? Merrimack
What was the name of the Unions 1st ironclad ship? Monitor
How did the Monitor & Merrimack affect the navies of the rest of the world? It made them obsolete
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