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Chapter 20, #3

What 2 things contributed the most to the removal of Soviet Missiles from Cuba? America's promises to remove missiles from Turkey and to never invade Cuba.
Wad did the Immigration Act of 1965 do? ended quotas based on nationality
What state was John F Kennedy from? Massachusetts
What position did Kennedy appoint his brother, Robert, to serve? Attorney General
____ was not a result of Kennedy's New Frontier initiatives? higher taxes
What were the effects of television on politics? debates by candidates reached the entire nation; appearance of candidates was stress and important; speaking style was emphasized
In June, 1963, Kennedy announced the suspension of what? nuclear tests in the atmosphere
What was considered the "key," which would unlock the door of President Johnson's Great Society? Education
Who wrote a book about the large number of poor living in America? Michael Harrington
Created by: PLHShistory