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Age of Jackson Test

Test covering War of 1812 and Age of Jackson

What term is used for the expansion of voting rights and participation in government in the 1820s-1830s? Jacksonian Democracy
What requirement for voting was removed between the Election of 1824-1828? Land ownership
The British brought about the War of 1812 by arming Native Americans, occupying the Northwest Territory, and __________. Impressing American sailors
The War of 1812 was ended by what treaty? Treaty of Ghent
Why did victory at the Battle of New Orleans not result in an American victory in the War of 1812? The battle took place after the Treaty of Ghent was signed
The idea that a state can override a national law is known as what? Nullification
What state was the center of the Nullification Crisis? South Carolina
Which Vice-President spoke against the President during the Nullification Crisis? John C. Calhoun
What was South Carolina protesting against in the Nullification Crisis? A tariff (Tariff of Abominations)
How did Jefferson respond to British and French attacks on American ships? The Embargo Act
What Supreme Court case said that the government would enforce private contracts and strengthened capitalism? Dartmouth College v. Woodward
What Supreme Court case stated that a state could not interfere with a national institution with taxes? McCulloch v. Maryland
Which Supreme Court case strengthened federal control over interstate commerce? Gibbons v. Ogden
What politician promoted the idea of using high tariffs to pay for infrastructure projects? Henry Clay
What group demanded payment to "protect" ships from being attacked in the Mediterranean? The Barbary Pirates
What Native American leader and his brother sided with Britain to fight American settlers? Tecumseh and The Prophet
The United States declaring that European nations would not be allowed to meddle in the affairs of former American colonies was known as what? Monroe Doctrine
Who became president as a result of "The Corrupt Bargain"? John Quincy Adams
What member of Congress became Secretary of State after the Election of 1824 was decided in the House of Representatives? Henry Clay
What region did tariffs benefit most? The North or Northeast
What region did Clay's American System provide infrastructure improvements in? The West
Created by: slaterc