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what document written phil. 1776 was a list king George 3 Declaration of indy
2nd president john adams
helped finace the a.r haym salomon
african american man was the 1st to die at the bostob massacre crispus atuucks
d.o.i thomas paine common sense
which battke was the 1st of the a.r lexington and concord
give me liberty or give me death patrick henry
i was called a tyrant because the colonists thought i took away their liberties king george 3
someone who supported american revolution indy during r.w patriot
sons of liberty boston tea party samuel adams
cannont be given up or taken away . unalienable rights
commanded french troops during the a.r and helped defeat the british at yorktown marquis de lafayette
english settlement in the u.s and when was it founded jamestown 1607
the slogan of ben franklin albany plan of union join or die!
the war that led to increased taxation on the american colonies french and indian
document signed by the pilgrims was the first self government in the u.s mayflower compact
list three colonial regions new england , middle, southern
ended the french and indian war treaty of paris
economic system of great Britain used to control the trade of the American colonies mercantilism
English representative assembly in the new world VA HOUSE OF BURGESSES
labor shortages in Virginia triangular trade
Appalachian mountains (expanding) proclamation of 1763
Maryland , Massachusetts, Rhode island, Pennsylvania created?/ religious freedom
document that is considered by some to be the first written const. in the u.s fundamental orders of connecticut
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