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Revolutionary War

Quiz Review

Why did some American Soldiers head home after the defeat at New York? lack of weapons and supplies
Who won the Battle of Trenton? the Americans
Who was victorious at Saratoga? the Americans
What was Washington's strategy for winning the war? tire the British out for an easier defeat
What did Great Britain give up in the Treaty of Paris? Claims from the Atlantic to the Mississippi; claims from Canada to Florida
Who was the British commander in charge of the southern troops? Cornwallis
Define Mercenaries hired for service in a foreign army; highly skilled and paid well
Define Ally friendly relations; supportive of one another during times of need
Define Strategy organization, direction, and execution of a specific plan
Define Guerrillas small combat army; usually associated with a formal military; surprise attacks are their specialty
Define Treaty formal agreement; usually a government document; agreement of trade for peace
Who did Washington have his troops train with to pass the time through the rough winter at Valley Forge? a Prussian volunteer
Why did thousands of African Americans join the British during the Revolutionary War? they offered freedom
Who wrote The Crisis? Thomas Paine
Why was "The Crisis" written? to build and keep the spirit of the fight for independence strong and alive
Where did thousands of loyalists go after the Revolutionary War? Canada
What did the U.S. have to agree to in the Treaty of Paris of 1783? to return all rights and property to the loyalists
What countries helped the U.S. against Britain? Spain and France
Whose help at Yorktown sealed the deal for an American victory? France
Created by: pjespo
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