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Texas History Ch.12

Texas history ch12 due Febuary 24

The first president of the Republic of Texas was... Sam Houston
Who died of pneumonia after serving only a few months as secretary of state? Stephen F. Austin
The Texas Supreme Court consisted of a Chief justice and how many associate justices? Four
Which of the following did Congress name as the new temporary capital in 1836? Houston
For defense and frontier protection, President Sam Houston relied on militia companies and... The Texas Rangers
When Sam Houston took office,Texas had a national debt of... $1.25 million
Texas officials tried to borrow money from... The United States
Although the Texans Republic was in debt, it was rich in ... Land
Which of the following groups was not guaranteed to receive land in Texas? African Americans
In an Attempt to keep the peace, President Sam Houston set aside land for the... Cherokee
Person who could not run for Texas president in 1838 because the Texas constitution forbade consecutive terms Sam Houston
Person who took office as president of Texas in 1839 Mirabeau B. Lamar
First college in the Republic to receive a charter Rutersville
Place chosen to be the permanent capital of Texas; once known as Waterloo Austin
Building in which government officials meet Capitol
law passed in 1839 the protected a family's home and up to 50 acres of land from seizure for debts Homestead law
Paper money certificates that were worthless within three years of their printing Red backs
Battle that killed more than 100 Cherokee, including Chief Bowles Battle of the Neches
Battle that occurred when Texans tried to take Comanche representatives held by the Comanche Council House Fight
Battle fought after the Comanche raided Linnville and Victoria Battle of Plum Creek
In 1841 who was elected for a second term as president of the Republic of Texas Houston
Who was elected vice president of the Texas Republic. Edward Burleson
The Texas president wanted to achieve a (blank) budget, or a budget in which spending does not exceed revenue. Balanced budget
To save money, the Texas president cut the size of both the Texas army and the... Texas Rangers
The president even persuaded the Congress to sell the (blank) but the sale was never carried out The Navy
Despite the cutbacks, the Texas Republic's debt continued to rise, reaching (blank) by 1845 $12 million
To solve Texas's money-supply problem, the president had new paper money printed to replace the... Red backs
In August 1842 the (blank) indians signed a peace treaty with with the Texas government Caddo
In October 1844 Sam Houston and Chief Buffalo Hump of the Penateka Comanche signed the Treaty of .... Tehuacana Creek
The feud between Alfred George and Joseph G. Goodbread over fake land certificates eraupted into the... Regulator Moderator War
This term refers to the formal joining of one political region to another Annexation
This term refers to an official's term of office administration
This term refers to a group of executive department heads that assists a president cabinet
This i another term for government's spending Expenitures
This term refers to government income revenue
This term is another word for "approve" ratify
this term can be defined as a "a document granting permission to operate" Charter
What treaties did Santa Anna and Burnet sign on May 14,1836 The Treaties of Velasco
What defense force tried to keep the peace along the Texas frontier? Texas Rangers
What 1837 financial crisis led to an econmic depression? Panic of 1837
What do we call two elected term in a row? Consecutive terms
What do we call a budget in which spending does not exceed revenue? balanced budget
Created by: SebastianB