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The Great Depression


What Caused The Great Depression Overproduction, The Stock Market Crash of 1929, Effects of the Dust Bowl
What was the Great Depression When the U.S. and the world suffered economically.
Whats was the effect of the Great Depression? Hoovervilles, migrant workers, Hobos, and increased unemployment
What is a Hooverville? They are shantytowns. They were created when homeless people left empty boxes in parks and other public places. Hooverville was named after president Herbert Hoover.
What is a hobo? A homeless person. Okies migrated to California in hopes to find a job, but they did not find work. They became beggars looking for handouts.
What is the Dust Bowl? A region that suffers from long droughts and dust storms.
What is debt? money that is owed
What is credit? when you borrow money
What is a bank? A place where money is saved or borrowed with an interest.
What is stock? a portion of a company that is owned.
What is a recession? A downturn in the economy.
What is deflation? When prices go down below what the product is worth.
Date when stock market crashed; more than 16 million shares were sold. Black Tuesday
Region of the United States that was a result over cultivation and drought. Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl Refugees were known as Okies
What is over cultivation? When farmers plan to many crops and do not conserve the soil.
What happened to the African-American Farmers who migrated to the North in search of work? They did not find work and they became homeless.
How did many Americans feel during the Roaring Twenties? Hopeful
What is one way technology changed the economy in the 1920's? Mass production made goods cheap and available.
How did racism hurt African Americans in the 1920's? African Americans were the victims of violence. Also they were the first hired on the job and the first ones fired.
What was the Great Migration? the relocation of African Americans from the South to the Northeast and Midwest.
What was one cause of the Great Depression? people were buying goods with credit.
What kind of charities were provided during the Great Depression? soup kitchens.
What was the migration route that people took during the Great Depression? From Oklahoma to California. (Oakies)
What two problems caused the Dust Bowl? over-planting and droughts.
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