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element and barque

melody the line or tune in music
pitch the highness or lowness of sound
timbre tone color
range distance from the lowest to the highest notes in a melody
contour shape of the melody(the way it move)
interval distance from one note the next note; a half step is the smallest interval used in western music
octave two pict 8 notes apart, and they have the same name
phrase musical sentence
cadence resting place at the end of a phrase
rhythm length or duration of individual notes
beat the regular pulse of the music
meter organization of rhythm into time
downbeat first beat of measure, which is the strongest beat
simple meter beat are sub dived into 2
compound meter beat are subdivde into 3
duple meter 2 per measure
triple meter 3 per measure
quadruple meter 4 per measure
measure regular grouping of beats,divide by barlines
tempo speed
dynamics the volume traditionally indicated using Italian word
harmony complementary pitches combined with melody,creating a fuller texture of sound
major bright or sunny
minor draker
consonanace stable sounding harmony
dissonoance unstable sounding harmony
Johann Sebastian bach 1685-1750 Lutheran organist choirmaster,composer,father of 19 children
Antonio vivaldi the red priest 1678-1741 wrote over 500 concertos for for violin; virtuoso violinist
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