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Geo. 7 western u.s.

The western u.s.

Montana Helena - treasure state
Montana Great falls and billings
Montana Only platinum mine in country
Montana Agriculture is main income producer
Montana Tourist visit glacier national park
Wyoming Cheyenne - equality state
Wyoming Grand Tentons and yellow stone national parks
Wyoming Old faithful
Wyoming Larger ranches than any other state except Arizona
Wyoming Most money comes from mining
Wyoming Most important resource oil
Idaho Boise - gem state
Idaho Potatoes are a major crop
Colorado Denver - centennial state
Colorado Four corners: where UT, CO, AZ, & NM meet
Colorado Denver is nicknamed "mile-high city"
Colorado Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo
Colorado Coins are made here @ federal mint
Colorado Most tourism is for ski slopes
Colorado Mineral resources: silver, lead, coal,uranium
Colorado __________ cliff dwellers:Mesa Verde- anasaizi- Hogi Desendants/ houses made out of dried mud and stone (over 100+ people)
Utah UT-Salt lake city- beehive state
Utah Low, rugged land called Great Basin
Utah 5 national parks, 7 national monuments
Utah Salt Lake City is famous for the headquarters for Mormonism
Utah Great salt lake - 4th largest terminal lake in the world 3.5 percent salt, saltier than the Dead Sea.
New Mexico Santa Fe - land of enchantment
New Mexico Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and las cruces
New Mexico Agriculture: dairy products, hay, PiƱon nuts, chili peppers,pinewood
New Mexico Produces large amounts of turquoise used in jewelry
New Mexico Minerals: uranium, manganese, potash, salt, perlite, ect.
New Mexico Federal gov. Is largest employer which engages in scientific research
New Mexico Carlsbad caverns at tracks many tourist
Arizona Phoenix - Grand Canyon state
Arizona Copper is mined there
Arizona Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations
Arizona Tourism:Painted dessert, Petrified forest,Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon
Arizona Phoenix and Tucson
California Sacramento - golden state
California Third in size first in population
California Death Valley is the lowest spot on the continent
California Desserts : Sonoran dessert, Mojave dessert,
California Four large metro. areas : San Diego,los angles, San Francisco, Oakland
California Agriculture: dairy products, greenhouse/nursery products, hay, grapes, lettuce, cotton, pultry, wine
California Silicon Valley produces computer technology.
California Center of motion pictures Hollywood.
California Los Angeles:heavist trafic in the world = polution & somgs
California San Francisco: trolly cars, city built on hills
Nevada Carson city - silver state
Nevada Driest of all the states- Hoover Dam created lake mead for irrigation.
Nevada 90 percent of land owned by federal gov. for US defense industry
Nevada Gambling cities: Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe
Nevada What does the bible say about gambling?
Oregon Salem - beaver state
Oregon Cascade mountains
Oregon Leading lumber producer
Washington Olympia - evergreen state
Washington Pugent sound
Washington Three largest cities: Seattle,Tacoma, Olympia
Washington Volcanic Mount. : mt. Adams, mt. Saint Helens,
Washington Leading producers of..... Apples*, pears, and sweet cherries
Washington Industries: aircraft manufacturing (Boeing), computer tech. ( Microsoft ), chemicals, and aluminum
Alaska jenau- the last frontier
Alaska Largest state
Alaska Inside passage:water way between islands and mainlands
Alaska Population size: pacific coast, Anchorage
Alaska Mt. McKinley highest peak in north america- located in Denali national park.
Alaska Major income:fishing (sal;mon, shrimp, crab, halibut, herring, and cod.
Alaska Iditarod: dog sled racing
Hawaii Honolulu- Aloha state
Hawaii 132 islands
Hawaii lots of rain
Hawaii agriculture:pineapple, coffe, macadamian nuts, orkads
Hawaii active valcanos
Hawaii navel base: Pearl harbor
Alaska most vauble natrul resources oil & gas
Created by: AG Wilson