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UND 363 CNS handling

specs encountered in histology brain bx, whole brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve bx, pituitary gland, skeletal muscle
what are transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE's) also know as Prion disease
what is prion disease fatal degenerative disease (amyloid and/or prion protein depositing on grey matter)
what are the the most common TSE's creutzfeldt jacob disease (CJD in humans), bovine spongiform encepalopathy, scrapie (in sheep)
where is the prion disease most common infectivitiy brain, CNS, Spinal cord, EYE
why are TSE's dangerouns not killed by routine decon. (formalin, etc) biosafety lvl 2 required
what are the typical entry routes of tse's cutaneous/mucous (negligible risk but use care, transcutaneous/mucous (serious risk), CNS exposure (serious risk)
where is the highest conc. of prions found in meninges
to avoid skin puncture what can be used cut resistant gloves
what should be done with small bxs post fixed with formic acid (96%) for 30 min
how should liquid waste be disposed of decon'd in 6N sodium hydroxice
what should be done with molds and forceps decon'd with 1N sodium hydroxide and autoclaved
what should be done with knives decon'd with 2N sodium hydroxide and put in sharps immediately
how are work surfaces decon'd kept wet with 2N sodium hydroxide for 1hr.
what should be done with slides of known cases hand stained and decon'd w/ 2n sodium hydroxide (1hr soak) and then label as infectous CJD)
what should be done with the cassettes they should all be processed manually
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