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UND 363 Lux Fast Blu

UND 363 Luxol Fast Blue

purpose demo myelin
principle stains due to lipoproteins. it is an adic-base reaction that forms salt. the base of lipoprotein replaces the base of the dye.
what is unique about luxol fast blue is of the sulfonated copper phthalocyanine dye type but is alchohol soluble
fix formalin
tech 10-15
qc spinal cord or medulla
procedure/reagents in order luxol fast blue (alcohol/sulfonated copper stain), lithium carbonate (diff'r), 70% alcohol (diff'r),
results myelin - blue to blue/green, background - colorless
grey matter and demylinated white matter should be what color compared to myelinated white matter grey matter and demyelinated white should be colorless and myelinated white should be blue
if the grey matter id darker than the white matter what should be done continue differentiation until the grey matter is colorless and white matter is blue
typically, if the stain is done correctly, what is the best way to id/gross id the stain macroscopically
Created by: mustangvxd