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UND 363 Weil

purpose demo myelin
principle regressive stain with a mordant/hematoxylin sol'n. It is diff'd in 2 steps. 1st diff is done macroscopically with ferric ammoniom sulfate (excess mordant diff'r), the second is done microscopically with borax ferricyanide (oxidizer diff'r)
how is the first diff'r done uses ferric ammoniom sulfate to remove excess dye via "excess mordant differentiation" macroscopically
how is the second diff'r done microscopically via borax ferricyanide (oxidizer diff'r) which removed any remaining no specifically bound hematox lake and forms colorless oxidation product
fix formalin
tech 10-15
qc spinal cord or medulla (w/ myelinate areas)
reagents in procedure ferric ammoniom sulfate (mordant)\alcoholic hematox (stain), ferric ammoniom sulfate (diff'r macro), soduim borate/potassium ferricyanide sol'n (diff'r micro)
results myelin sheath - blue to blue-black, background - lt tan
how should grey matter/demyelinated white matter differ in color from the myelinated white matter grey matter/demyelinated white should be lt brown and contrast sharply with the blue-black appearance of myelinated white matter
if the myelin stain is done well how can the demyelinated be identified more easily macroscopically than Micro.
what can be done with excess hematox if it is not done very often the alocoholic hematox can be measured and diluted to be used in other staining protocols such as weigert hematoxylin
what is the mordant in this stain ferric alum
Created by: mustangvxd