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UND 363 Cajal

purpose demo astrocytes
priciple astrocytes are selectively stained with cajal gold sublimate
how does this method differ from all other nervous system stains it is done on frozen sections
fix formalin ammonioum bromide (no less than 2 day but no more than 25 days)
what must be done with the fixative if the tissue was originally fixed in formalin must be washed and placed in formalin ammonium bromide for 48 hrs
tech 20-30 micron, free floating, frozen sections **will section better if washed for 30 min in tap water before freezing**
qc cerbral cortex (NOT spinal cord)
reagents in order of procedure formalin ammonium bromide (fixative), gold sublimate (impregnation), sodium thiosulfate (diff'r/reducer)
results astrocytes with perivascular feet - black
what type of gold chloride is preferred brown-gold preferred over yellow gold (**must be of utmost purity**)
what will happen to protoplasmic astrocytes after prolonged fixation lost stainability
what should the temp be for this stain it should not exceed 30○C
why is the mixture of the 2 chlorides (mercury and gold) important If either is used alone they are not effective for demonstrating astrocytes
how must the sections be place (or what can go wrong) the sections must be flat and not overlap in the gold sublimate.
what chem. is vital for successful impregnation mercuric chloride, the mercury forms a complex with gold ions and allow them to reduce more readily.
Created by: mustangvxd