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UND 363 SevierMunger

UND 363 Sevier Munger Biel Mod

purpose demo nerve fibers, nerofibrillary tangles, senile plaques in alzheimer pt's
principle silver impregnation on neurofibrils and axons, reduced via formaldehyde. soduim thiosulfate excess silver removal
does this stain use gold for a toner, and what is the result no it does not therefore the background stains yellow
does this silver stain need chemically cleaned glassware? NO.
tech 6-8
qc CNS tissue
results nerve endings/neurofibrils/neurofibrillary tangles and peripheral neurites of neuritic plaque - black, background - yellow
why is the proportion of ammonium hydroxide and formalin critical the concentration and relative proportions are critical to controlled development of the stain
what must be left after the first addition of ammonium hydroxide some grains of silver must be left in the flask after ammonium hydroxide. excess ammonia must NOT be added. ie the ammoniacal silver solution prep must be slightly cloudy at its end point.
what is this stain also useful for besides nerves it is an argyrophil stain good for demonstrating granules of some carcinoid tumor cells.
Created by: mustangvxd