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New Deal - Sattler

Years/Description Questions

What does the FDIC do? Provides insurance to depositors in commercial banks, brought reform to the nation's financial institutions.
How did the FDIC help the people directly during the Depression? It helped restore confidence in the economy.
What did the AAA do? It reduced crop production to increase prices.
What did the government do to help farmers through the AAA? The government bought excess crops from the farmers so they could recieve income.
What happened to the AAA? It was declared unconstitutional in 1936.
Why was the TVA set up? To improve the farming areas in the Tennessee Valley.
What were the goals of the TVA? Soil conservation, health services for farmers, removing poor land from use, and supplying hydro-electric power.
What did the CCC do ultimately? It employed millions and performed conservation projects.
What are some examples of the jobs the CCC created? Replanting forests, building trails, digging irrigation ditches, fighting fires.
Who were the special people the CCC was offered to? Mexican Americans and other minorities
What is significant about FERA? Its operation, costing $500 million, was the largest peacetime expenditure made by the federal government.
What did FERA do? It granted federal funds to state and local governments and agencies to help the unemployed.
What was the purpose of the NRA? It worked with business and labor leaders to develop codes of fair competition to govern whole industries.
What did the NRA do? It established minimum wages and minimum prices for goods.
What kind of jobs did the PWA offer? Building bridges, dams, power plants, and government buildings.
How did the PWA help the country? It created millions of jobs that strengthened the nation's infestructure.
What made the CWA a recovery program? It gave people jobs that would eventually become solid jobs later on.
Who was in charge of the WPA? Harry Hopkins
What jobs did the WPA offer? Building and improving of a good part of the nation's highways and harbors.
What did the WPA promote? Soil and water conservation
What did the REA do? It loaned money to electric utilities to build power lines, bringing electricity to isolated rural areas.
Why is the REA a recovery program? Because it provides people with electricity; not a necessity, but a beneficial thing to have.
What did the NYA do? It trained and provided employment and counciling for younger people.
What age group of people did the NYA support? 16-25 years
Created by: patrij16