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Taft and Wilson

What president endorsed Taft to run for president on the Republican ticket in 1908? Theodore Roosevelt
Describe William Howard Taft. jA good administrator and judge, but disliked politics and lacked Roosevelt's dynamic personality.
How did Taft alienate progressives? He signed a law that that reaised tariffs and rejected progressive concerns in an environmental controversy.
Who did the Republicans nominate for the election of 1912? Taft
Who did the progressives support in the 1912 election? Roosevelt
Who did the democrats nominate for the 1912 election? Woodrow Wilson
Describe Wilson's platform. His New Freedom progressivism rejected monopolies and encouraged competition. His presidency expanded the the role of government and and affected tariffs, and banking systems, trusts and workers rights.
Who won the election of 1912 Woodrow Wilson, a democrat with Progressive ideas.
How did Taft help conservations efforts?
How did Taft alleviate child labor problems?
How did Taft strengthen the ICC (
How did Taft replacing Roosevelt's secretary of the interior cause a dispute between Taft and the progressives?
What problems did Taft have with progressives on tariff issues?
How did Taft's accomplishments regarding conservation and trustbusting compare to Roosevelt's?
What was the difference between Taft and Roosevelt regarding the relationship between the president and congress
What were Taft's Progressive reforms?
Who were the three major candidates of the 1912 election?
What new federal agencies increased the government's power to regulate the economy?
Why did Pres. Wilson establish the Federal Reserve System?
What was the impact of the 16th amendment?
How did the Adamson Act improve labor conditions?
Which of Wilson's reforms do you consider most important? Why?
What effects did progressivism have on American society?
How did Progressivism change American beliefs about the federal government?
Created by: Igroc