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Chapter 8

Social Studies

James Madison TJ's Secretary of State, refused to deliver Marbury's papers 4th president
Louisiana Purchase $15 million doubled size of US
Judicial Review duty of judicial department to say what the law is
Napoleon Bonaparte ruler of most of Europe wanted to rebuild empire in North America
Pike's Peak named after Zebulon Pike
William Marbury "Justice of the Peace" Judicial Act of 1789
Embargo Act banned trade w/ all foreign countries
Lewis & Clark went on expedition to the west after Louisiana Purchase
Non-Intercourse Act banned trade only w/ Britain, France, and their colonies
Sacajawea Shoeshone that helps/guides Lewis and Clark
Battle of Tippecanoe US (led by WHH) beat Tecumseh destroyed Prophetstown
Zebulon Pike army officer that went on mission to West arrested by Spain
Stephen Decatur deals w/ Barbary Pirates Ship-Intrepid
Battle of Horseshoe Bend ends Creek War AJ wants revenge on attack of Fort Mims US wins
William Henry Harrison Indiana governor that watches Tecumseh in alarm {Battle of Tippecanoe}
War Hawks took lead in calling for War -Henry Clay [Kentucky] -John Calhoun [South Carolina] -Felix Grundy [Tennessee]
Tecumseh Shawnee chief warned other Indians of American settlers "strangers"
The Prophet Tecumseh's brother spiritual leader
USS constitution "Old Ironside" -copper plate -undefeated
HMS Guerriere Defeated by USS Constitution -embarrassed -blocks US ports
Henry Clay most known War Hawk from Kentucky
Brig Niagara ship that OHP escaped to during Battle of Lake Erie defeated British
Oliver Hazard Perry Commodore that led Battle of Lake Erie defeats British "We have met the enemy and they are ours!"
Battle of Lake Erie OHP-kept fighting even though ship was going down
Andrew Jackson led battles: -Battle of Horseshoe Bend-Battle of NO
Battle of the Thames -Canada -WHH vs. Tecumseh -Tecumseh dies -ends British control of NW
Dolley Madison James Madison's wife saved pictures,(GW portrait), documents, ect. during White House Fire
Fort McHenry Battle of Baltimore- US refused to surrender, shelled for 25 hours -British gave up and retreated
Francis Scott Key witness of Battle of Baltimore wrote the Star-Spangled Banner
Jean Lafitte led pirates in Battle of New Orleans that were part of AJ's 'combo' troops
Battle of New Orleans "unnecessary battle" -AJ
Treaty of Ghent signed in Belgium December 24, 1814 ended War of 1812
Bladensburg Races Britain breaks through US defenses US panics and runs
British attack Capitol -set fire to White House, Capitol building, ect. -Pres. James Madison has to flee
Battle of Baltimore British shells Fort McHenry for 25 hours -finally give up and retreat
Hartford Convention Fed. agreed to oppose war
Laissez Faire "let them be"
Created by: _Carlee