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chapter 15


National Labor Relations Act federal law that made unions and collective bargaining legal
Fair Labor Standards Act legislation that established a minimum wage of 40 cents an hour by 1940
Congress of Industrial organizations labor group formed in 1938 that joined together industrial unions
sit-down strike type of strike in which striking workers refuse to work or to leave the factories so that owners cannot replace them
Southern Tenant farmers union group formed by tenants, sharecroppers, and farm laborers in 1934 to bring attention to the large problems these groups faced
Dust bowl name given to parts of the great plains in the 1930s after a severe drought dried out the region
Farm Security administration federal agency created in the 1930s to increase farm ownership by issuing long-term loans at low interest rates
Indian Reorganization act legislation that ended land allotment to individual American Indians and allowed some land to be returned to tribal ownership
black cabinet group of African Americans who were appointed to significant gov positions by Roosevelt
regionalist painters during the 1930s who sought inspiration from regional customs and folk themes
swing type of jazz
Good neighbor policy foreign policy of promoting better relations with Latin America by using economic influence rather than military
totalitarianism political system in which the gov controls every aspect of citizens lives
blackshirts group of Italians led by Benito Mussolini that gained power in the early 1920s
fascism calls for a strong gov headed by one person and the state is more important than the individual
Nazis National socialist party; led by Adolf Hitler
axis powers military alliance formed by Italy and Germany in 1936
Kristallnacht "Night of broken glass" Nov. 9, 1938: when the Nazis killed Jews and destroyed Jewish properties
Neutrality acts four laws passed in the late 1930s that were designed to keep the US out of international Incidents
Adolf Hitler leader of Germany
Benito Mussolini leader of Italy
Joseph Stalin leader of the Soviet Union
Francisco Franco leader of spain
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