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US His 11

Dropping large amount of bombs to inflict maximum damage Saturation bombing
US General Tank commander in North Africa know as Blood and Guts George S. Patton, Jr.
Dropping bombs that target key political and industrial centers Strategic bombing
Giving up completely without any concession Unconditional surrender
Led the Allied invasion of North Africa Dwight Elsenhower
US naval commander Chester Nimitz
Why did the Allies pursue a "Europe First" strategy? Germany, which is in Europe, posed a more serious threat than Japan.
Hitler's plans of dominating Europe ended with Germany's defeat at this battle. Stalingrad
Results of the Battle of Midway. Japan never again threatened Pacific domination
Limiting the amount of certain goods civilians can buy Rationing
Ensured fair hiring practices in jobs funded with government money Executive Order 8802
Worked with the media to encourage support for the war effort OWI-Office of War Information
Policy of temporary imprisionment of a specific group Internment
Plan to bring laborers from Mexico to work on American farms Bracero program
African American labor leader- worked to eliminate discrimination in the United States A. Philip Randolph
How did wartime pressure created a break from the past for women? They took nontraditional jobs, such as building planes and bombs
What did African Americans do during WWII to fight segregation? Joined organizations dedicated to fight segregation
This affected civil liberties in the United States by designating war zones from which anyone could be removed. Executive Order 9066
Who created the Office of Price Administration? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who become Pres. when Franklin D. Roosevelt died? Harry S. Truman
Program to develop atomic bomb Manhattan Project
Signed a letter to Pres. Roosevelt explaining the importance of the development of the atomic bomb Albert Einstein
The Allied invasion of Normandy D-Day
Strategy used by Allied forces in the Pacific to get in striking distance to Japan Island hopping
Germany's attempt to drive a wedge between American and British forces. Battle of the Bulge
One important effect of the Battle of the Bulge Germany used up its reserves and demoralized its troops in the battle
Pres. Truman Made decision to use atomic bomb
Nazi attempt to kill all Jews under their control Holocaust
German law that denied citizenship to Jews Nuremberg Laws
'Night of Broken Glass'-Nazi's organized attack on Jewish businesses and homes Kristallnacht
Used to imprison undesirable members of society Concentration camp
US gov. agency worked with Red Cross to save thousands of Eastern European Jews War Refugee Board
How were some Jews prevented from leaving Germany? Countries would not let them enter their borders during the Great Depression
How did Nazi camp administrators identify people from different groups in the concentration camps? Each group was assigned and wore different colored insignia
Why did the United States not respond to the Holocaust at the beginning of the war? People underestimated Hitler's plan
Written with the guidance of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Established international law for the humanitarian treatment of prisoners of war Geneva Convention
Dominant countries of WWII Superpowers
Agreement to expand world trade by reducing tariffs GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade
Legal action taken against Nazis Nuremberg trials
Provided food and aid to much of the world United Nations
How did Japan change polically after WWII? It drew up a new democratic constitution and initiated changes.
Strongest nations after WWII Soviet Union and United States
Purpose of United Nations To encourage cooperation of nations
During and following WWII, Aftican Americans continued to work to gain this... Civil Rights
Annihilation of a racila, political or cultural group Genocide
African American squadron that took part in the 1942 German bombing of strategic locations Tuskegee Airmen
Group of Japanese Americans who were the most decorated military unit in US History 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Big Three meeting Feb. 1945 to discuss post war plans Yalta Conference
General Dwight Eisenhower Ike
Turning point of WWII in Pacific Midway
A barbarous act that influenced the writing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights The Holocaust
Which group did Nazis consider superior? Aryans
Name of meeting where idea was proposed by Reinhard Heydrich to exterminate about 11,000,000 Jews Wannsee Conference
German General in North Africa-'Desert Fox' Erwin Rommel
Commander of Japanese forces in the Pacific Admiral Yamamoto
Commander of US Navy in the Pacific Admiral Chester Nimitz
Location of first face-to-face meeting of Roosevelt and Churchill with Stalin Teheran, Iran
Names for the invasion of Normandy Operation Overlord
June 6, 1944 D-Day, invasion of Normandy, France
Victory in Europe VE-Day
Victory in Japan VJ-Day
Japanese suicide bomber Kamikaze
Atomic bomb dropped there Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Last Japanese island taken that put US in bombing distance of Japan Okinawa
Japanese officially surrendered on Sept. 2, 1945 here. USS Missouri
Leaders of Mahattan Project General Leslie Groves, J. Robert Oppenheimer
Navajo Indians who used their language to send critical messages from island to island Code Talkers
Japanese Prime Minister during WWII General Hideki Tojo
Prejudice and discrimination against Jewish people Anti-semitism
Lebensraum Living space, additional territory considered by a nation, especially Nazi Germany, to be necessary for national survival or for the expansion of trade.
Manchuria Country Japan invaded to have access to natural resource
Luftwaffe German airforce
Blitzkrieg German battle tactic, hit the enemy hard and fast and leave
Poland Country Hitler invaded, started WWII
Attu Western most island in the Aletians off the coast of Alaska, occupied by Japanese, only land battle fought on incorporated territory of United States
Iowa Jima Island held by Japanese that American forced overtook, island was laced with tunnels dug by Japanese
Mt. Surbachi On Iowa Jima, mountain full of tunnels, Japanese stronghold
Anzio Allied forces landing near this town in Italy which met with little resistance because German commanders were told there would be no allied force invasions during the months of Jan. and Feb. Germans unprepared
George Marshall General and close advisor to Pres. Roosevelt, in charge of massive expansion of Army and drawingof war plans,appointed General Eisenhower to command the Pacific Theatre
Leo Szallard One of the scientists that developed the Atomic Bomb
Kraus Fuchs Scientist on Atomic bomb project and an secret agent for Russia, shared atomic bomb secrets with Russia
Trinity Code name for the first detonation of a nuclear bomb in the desert of New Mexico
USS Missouri United States battle ship anchored in Tokyo Bay where Japanese officially surrendered
Douglas Mac Arthur Headed military occupation of Japan after WWII, supervised the writing of a new constitution for Japan
Los Alamos, New Mexico Tested Atomic bomb
Wendover, UT training site of the 509th Composite Group, the B-29 unit that carried out the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Audie Murphy Most decorated American in WWII,
Tuskegee Airmen Red tails, all black unit that flew fighter planes, job protect bombers on bombing runs
Convoy Group of merchant ships sailing together, protected by war ships
Europe First Europe was a more serious threat than Japan
Hitlers mistake Staying to long at Stalingrad, got caught by winter, military not prepared to fight in cold, also fighting on one front as Russians surrounded them
Battle of Coral Sea Fought entirely by air, renewed confidence of United States
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