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CH 15-18 Vocab_Notes

Chattel Slavery The condition in which one person is legally defined as the personal property of another person.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton A founder and leader of the American Suffrage Movement from 1848 (date of the Seneca Falls Conference) until her death in 1902.
Susan B. Anthony Tireless campaigner for women's suffrage and close associates of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Entrepreneur A person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.
Land Grant College Act Act of Congress in 1862 that gave land to states to be used to fund public universities that were to offer courses in engineering and agriculture and to train military officers.
Holding Company A company that exists to own other companies, usually through holding a controlling interest in their stocks.
The Great Sioux War War between the US Army and the tribes that took part in the battle of Little Bighorn; it ended in 1881 with the surrender of Sitting Bull.
Sierra Club Environmental organization formed in 1892; now dedicate to preserving and expanding parks, wildlife, and wilderness areas.
Consumer Culture A consumer buys products for personal use; for personal use a consumer culture emphasis the values and attitudes that derive from the participants’ roles as consumers.
Tenement A multi-family apartment building, often unsafe, unsanitary, and overcrowded.
Hispanos The Spanish speaking settlers of New Mexico and their descendants.
Created by: jeni25