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Hist. New

What freed factories from dependence on rivers? steam power
What was the name of the court case that ruled that unions were legal? commonwealth vs hunt
What was a problem faced by rapidly growing cities? Poor sewage system, spread of disease, housing shortage, poverty
What’s the name of young, unmarried women who left their farms to work in factory town in Massachusetts? lowell mill girls
What was the nickname for Cincinnati during this time? porkopolis
Most southern whites were? yeomen farmers
A planter was defined as someone owning ___. 20+ slaves
A planter aristocrat was defined as someone owning ___. 100+ slaves
What event encouraged many Irish to come America? Irish potato famine
Where Irish immigrants well off or poor? poor
Where did the Irish mostly settle? eastern cities
Where the Germans immigrants well off or poor? well off
Where did the Germans settle? midwest farms
What was a reason people feared these new immigrants? Job competition and fear of religious stuff
What was the name of the anti-immigrant party? American party
List one reason for the expansion of newspapers during the 1830s and 1840s. Penny papers and steam-powered printing press
Who wrote "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" ? washington irving
Who wrote the novel The Last of the Mohicans? james cooper
List one transcendentalist author. ralph emerson
What effect did education reform have on sectional politics? Isolated the south intellectually
Who wrote The Scarlet Letter? Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who wrote Moby Dick? Herman Melville
Who wrote "Paul Revere's Ride? Henry Longfellow
Who depicted the common man and scenes of frontier life? George bingham
What was the name of the Artist that painted American birds? Audubon
Who was known as the "father of American music?" stephen foster
What religious belief saw God as a "clockmaker?" Deism
What religious belief rejected the idea of the trinity and emphasized free will? unitarianism
Why did the Second Great Awakening fit in well with Jacksonian Democracy? optimism
What where the results of the Second Great Awakening. Increase number of religious sects
Transcendentalism was more a_____ rather than a religion. philosophy
30. Transcendentalism believed in the __- the nebulous belief that God (or goodness) is present within all things. oversoul
List one cause for the rise of Utopian communitarianism. Increased belief in perfectibility of man
Which group renounced marriage and sex and interpreted the Bible literally? William rapp and the rappites
Which group was so named because they shook sin out of their fingers during meetings? shakers
Which group developed into the Seventh Day Adventist Church? Millerites
Which group believed in the idea of “complex marriage?" Oneida community
Which group was designed as an intellectual community? Brook Farm
Which group was the communitarian success story? mormons
Who discover the golden tablets that were translated into the Book of Mormon? Joseph smith
Who led the Mormons to Salt Lake City? Brigham Young
What were the reasons for development of reform movements ? Second Great Awakening and optimism
What were the prison reforms? Imprisonment for debt eliminated
Who was the leading reformer for the treatment of the insane? Dorothea Dix
Why did temperance organizations try to ban alcohol? Excess drink was blamed for many societal ills
What was the name of the 1848 women's right convention? Seneca Falls Convention
What were the reasons for the demand for free public education? Fear of illiterate immigrants
Who was known as the father of American Education? Horace Mann
Who was known as the schoolmaster of the republic? Noah Webster
What were the primary gains for education during this time period? State control of education is established
What effect did education reform have on sectional politics? Isolate the south intellectually
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