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Unit 8 Texas CW

Why were the delegates at the Secession Convention in favor of Texas leaving the Union? They considered slavery vital to the economy.
Be able to place the following in chronological or sequential order: Civil War fought, Current Texas Constitution Adopted, Texas Readmitted to Union, Sam Houston removed as governor 1. Sam Houston removed as governor 2. Civil War fought 3. Texas Readmitted to Union 4. Current Texas Constitution Adopted
How did the issue of states' rights contribute to the outbreak of the Civil War? Seceding states believed the federal government should not intervene in state decisions.
In what year did Texas join the Confederacy? 1861.
The era of Texas during the Civil War can best be described as ... Citizens Divided on the Issue of Slavery
The democratic principle of the Texas Constitution that best reflects the will of the people is known as ______________ _________________. popular sovereignty
This battle was fought along the Rio Grande River, fought after the surrender of the Confederacy, and there were no military conflicts associated with the Civil War after this battle. Which battle is being described above? Battle of Palmito Ranch
What was the effect of Sam Houston's refusal to swear his oath? Sam Houston was removed as governor.
Which Confederate general commanded the forces that were victorious in the attack at Galveston? John B. Magruder
How was cotton production in Texas affected by the Civil War? Production declined during the war, but increased sharply in the decades that followed the war.
The democratic principle reflected in this section of the Constitution of 1876: "The powers of government of the State of Texas shall be divided into three distinct departments is ____________ ____ _________. separation of powers
Which freedom is guaranteed by Article I, Section 6 of the Texas Constitution? Freedom of religion
The Texas holiday that celebrates the announcement by the U.S. Army that the slaves were freed is ___________. Juneteenth
How was Texas affected by communication issues or developments during the Civil War? Slow communications allowed for continued fighting and delayed the emancipation of enslaved people for weeks after the end of the war.
How do both the Texas Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court check the power of the legislature? They can declare a law unconstitutional.
I was general in the Confederate Army, 19th governor of Texas, and president of Texas A&M University. Who am I? Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross
How did the Civil War affect population growth in Texas? The growth of the population slowed during the war, but increased rapidly in the decades after the war.
How did the Constitution of 1876 expand voting rights in Texas after the Civil War? All men, regardless of race, were allowed to vote.
Right to notification of court proceedings; the right to be present at all public court proceedings related to the offense; the right to confer with a representative of the prosecutor's office; the right to RESTITUTION is known as rights of crime victims
Which taxes help fund the state and local governments in Texas? Property and sales taxes
Which government institution consists of elected officials and provides standards and policies for education in Texas? State Board of Education
Which level of government provides police and fire protection, provides emergency medical services, constructs sewer and water lines, inspects structures for health and safety, and establishes zoning rules for construction? City government
Created by: sasmith3