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History- 12 & 14

How did democracy grow during the 1820's? more people gained suffrage, or the right to vote
How did voting rights in the EAST change in the 1830's? they dropped the requirement that you had to own land to vote
Despite the growth of democracy at this time, who did not gain suffrage? it was in a good direction, but women, a vast majority of African Americans, Native Americans, and slaves could not voteIt was in a good direction, but women, a vast majority of African Americans, Native Americans, and slaves could not vote
candidates of the election of 1824 John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay
candidates of 1824 representation JQA- New England, AJ and HC- the West
What was the “Corrupt Bargain”? Clay lost, being Speaker of the House,urged the House for Adams, Adams then named him Secretary of State
What was John Quincy Adams’ economic plan? to pay for more roads and canals and focus on internal improvements; also focused on arts and sciences
Result of the 1828 Election? Andrew Jackson won; people did not love JQA but thought AJ would become a dictator
What was Jacksonian Democracy? more equality in society, people depended on each other
Whigs wanted the federal government to spur economy
Democrats frontiersmen and factory workers
Caucus System just the leaders of the government privately deciding who should represent them
Nominating Convention Civilians could attend; more democratic
Who were Andrew Jackson’s main supporters? What was he known as? many frontiersman supported Jackson, many of his friends, newspaper writers were included in his cabinet; his opponents called him “The Champion of the Common Man”
Spoils System the practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs
Kitchen Cabinet the Presidential Cabinet met in the White House kitchen and they became known as the “Kitchen Cabinet”
4 reasons why Jackson did not like the National Bank Felt the Bank had too much power-- Made the rich richer-- Believed that only states, not the federal government, had the right to charter--Unconstitutional, set up by Congress but ran by private bankers
the events surrounding the closing of the National Bank The bank could not get a new charter because Jackson vetoed it the common people had rejected Henry Clay and supported Andrew Jackson, once elected again, he ordered Taney to stop putting government money in the Bank, and deposit the money in state banks
Tariff of Abominations (1828) Highest tariff in the history of the nation, favored Northern manufacturers and hurt Southern farmers
How did northerners feel about this tariff? They liked it because it benefited them and made foreign goods more expensive, encouraging people to buy American goods
How did southerners feel about this tariff? They hated it because they bought goods from foreign countries
nullification a state could cancel federal laws if they seemed unconstitutional
Why did South Carolina pass the Nullification Act in 1832? South Carolinian farmers bought goods from other nations and they felt that the government could not limit their trade
How did the Supreme Court rule in Worcester vs. Georgia? They said that the Native Americans had the right to the land guaranteed to them by the treaties and were protected by the Constitution
Indian Removal Act of 1830 Jackson went against Supreme Court and sent the army to force Natives out of their homes and move west
Trail of Tears The march of the Indians out of the town moving west, many died from the cold
Economic Depression a period when businesses declines and many people lose their jobs
What was the economy like under Pres. Van Buren? the nation had no national bank and was in a depression
the Panic of 1837 people and speculators gained loans from the bank and bought huge amounts of land in the west but when the national back closed, the states could not give the money so they printed more not backed up by gold and silver
mudslinging the use of insults to attack an opponent's reputation
How did the campaign of 1840 reflect a new kind of politics? Candidates began to gain support by mudslinging their opponents in the public
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