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Social Studies 2

vocab words unit 4

polis city-state
citizen a member of a city-state who enjoys legal rights
acropolis the high hill in a city-state where public buildings and temples were located
politics the art and practice of government
aristocracy a hereditary class of rules
tenant farmer a person who paid rent either withi money or crops to grow crops on someones else's land
metic a resident foreigner
slavery the ownership and control of other people as property
military state a society organized for the purpose of waging war
barracks military housing
citizenship membership in a community
direct democracy a political system in which citizens participate directly in decision making
representative democracy a political system in which citizens elect others to represent them
phalanx a formation of heavily armed foot soldiers who moved together as a unit
tyranny a government run by one strong leader
democracy a government run by many people
authority people in power
innovation a new way of doing things
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