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Chapter 8

Alliance A partnership
Articles of confederation The first set of law for the U.S.A
Proclamation of 1763 It stated the land between the Appalachian & Mississippi was set aside for the Native Americans
General Thomas Gage Was put in charge of controlling Boston by King George the 3
Why did the British tax the colonist ? To pay for the taxes for from the French and Indian war
The Ohio River stretches between what two land marks Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River
What were the soldiers at the battle of Bunker hill told by their leaders Don't fire unless you see the whites of the British soldiers eyes
Where did the Battle of Bunker Hill actually take place Breeds hill
Describe the Townshens Act It was a tax on British imports , including glass,tea,paper,and paint
Parliament The law making branch of the British Govorment
Describe the Sugur Act It was a tax on sugar and molasses
In what city did the first and second continental congress met Philadelphia
What happened on July 4 , 1774 The Declaration of Independence was excepted by congress
Who was commander and chief of the Continentil army George Washington
What was the name of the book that Thomas Paine wrote Common sense
Boycott Not to buy
What was the name of the treaty signed after the French and Indian war The Treaty of Paris
Monopoly Complete control of a good or service
What was the other name for the Coercive Act The Intolerable Act
What was bad about the British at French and Indian war Red coats not hiding behind trees and not knowing how to play in a field
What did the colonist say about the tax No taxation without representation
Delegates Representives
Imperial polices Laws and orders by the king
Repeal To take back
Independence Freedom to govern yourself
Who were the leaders of the Sons of Liberty John Hancock and Sam Adams
Who mainly wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
What was the major cause for the French and Indian war France and England were claiming the Ohio Valley
Why were the battles of Lexington and Concord important Because they were considered the first battles of the Revolutionary war
Revolution A sudden and complete change in Government
Treason Working against your own Government
What event killed 5 people Boston Massacre
What did the Massachusetts militia call themselves The Minutemen
Congress A formal meeting of representatives
How may lanterns did Paul Revere hang 2
What did the colonist do about the taxes Boycott
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