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Greece, Rome, Mali

Social Studies SOL 3.4 ancient Greece, Rome, Mali

What continent held ancient Greece and Rome? EUROPE
What continent held ancient empire Mali? AFRICA (western part)
What sea is located by ancient Greece and Rome? MEDITERRANEAN SEA
How do people survive in their environment? ADAPT (or change)
Which place was on a PENINSULA with many islands, mountains, and hills, with LIMITED rich soil? ANCIENT GREECE
Which place was located by a river, built on many hills, and had limited rich soil? ancient ROME
Which place was in West Africa beside rivers and grassland, and had GOLD mines? empire of MALI
What are ancient Greece's HUMAN characteristics? farmers, traders, SHIP BUILDERS
What are ancient Rome's HUMAN characteristics? farmers, traders, ROAD BUILDERS
What are empire of MALI's HUMAN characteristics? farmers, traders, MINERS
How did ancient Greeks adapt to their environment? They farmed on hillsides; trading took place on the Mediterranean Sea.
How did independent Greek communities form? many mountains separated people into communities
In ancient Greek Olympics, who competed against each other? Greek communities
How did ancient Romans adapt to their environment? They farmed on hillsides; trading took place on the Mediterranean Sea.
How did people of MALI adapt to their environment? They traded with others to get salt in exchange for Mali's mined gold.
What is Timbuktu famous for? UNIVERSITY (place for learning, books)
How did large groups of Africans travel? CARAVAN
What physical characteristics are in empire of Mali? Sahara Desert, a river
How did culture get passed on with stories told to people in empire of Mali? STORYTELLERS (GRIOTS)
Who ruled Mali? KINGS (rich)
Mali Kings were part of what kind of government? MONARCHY
What kind of government ruled ancient Greece and Rome? DEMOCRACY (people voted for leaders to make laws)
Created by: ccyndimolina