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Chapter 5

Mechanization Using machines to do work.
Manual Labor Jobs done by hand (no machines).
Cyrus McCormick A farmer and inventor from Walnut Grove,Virginia perfected mechanical reaper.
Aaron Montgomery Established 1st mail order business.
Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck Formed a mail order business that grew bigger than Montgomery Ward's.
Tenement Building, especially in a poor section of a city divided into small apartments.
Tenant Person who pays rent to use land or buildings that belong to someone else.
Urbanization Movement of people from rural areas to cities.
Suspension Bridge Bridge that hangs from steel cables.
Jane Addams 1860-1935 social worker and reformer who found Hull House in Chicago in 1889.
Settlement House Center that provides help with immigrants and the poor.
Political machine Organization of people that controls votes to gain political power.
William M. Tweed "Boss" One of the leaders of the NY political group called Tammany Hall.He stole millions of dollars from city NY and went to prison.
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