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U1 L1 Vocabulary

Loyalists Americans that were against the war and wanted America to continue to be controlled by England
Battle of Saratoga The first major victory for the Continental Army. After winning this battle, America began winning more often.
Middle Passage Voyage of the slaves from Africa to the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean
Triangle Trade Exchange of goods between Africa, the Americas and Europe
Adams-Onis Treaty The 1819 treaty between the United States and Spain in which Spain gave Florida to the United States
The Underground Railroad An escape route to the North for runaway slaves
Abraham Lincoln A Republican, elected as President of the United States in the election of 1860
Telegraph Invention by Samuel Morse in 1837 that allowed for faster communication which linked different parts of the country together
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride and devotion to one's country
Tenant Farming Landowners rented land to former slaves and poor whites who planted, tended, and harvested crops to pay off rent and debts
Secession The act of breaking away from a group
Battle of Antietam The single bloodiest day of the Civil War in 1862
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