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Georgia & WWII

Review of Chapter 23

Compensation/money paid for war damages Reparations
A philosophy of government characterized by a dictator; it believes in superiority of a particular group, and works to benefit government Fascism
A leader with absolute power Dictator
A "lightning war" Blitzkreig
The deliberate killing of a particular group of people Genocide
Germany, Italy, Japan Axis Powers
U.S, Great Britain, France Allied Powers
An agreement that nations will only resort to war in self-defense Kellogg-Briand Pact
Japanese Dictator Hirohito
Italian Dictator Mussollini
German Dictator Hitler
Kristallnacht "Night of broken glass" where Jewish homes, businesses and churches were vandalized or destroyed
Countries fighting AGAINST the Axis Powers were allowed to borrow military supplies from the U.S. Lend-Lease Act
Important Naval Base that was bombed by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
How did WWII help bring Georgia out of the depression? Military and Defense manufacturers hired civilians who had been unable to find work.
Camp Benning Largest boot camp during the war (Infantry training)
Camp Gordon Military Supplies,prison camp and hospital
Company that made the B-29 bomber. Bell Aircraft
Two areas where ships were built in Georgia Savannah & Brunswick
Limiting the purchase of certain items Rationing
Why was sugar not rationed for the Coca-Cola Company during the war? It was a morale booster for the soldiers.
Inventor of Coca-Cola John Pemberton
Name one of the two other people who bought the rights to Coca-Cola at various times. Asa Candler & Ernest Woodruff
People planted these to help provide food for their families during times of rations. Victory Gardens
Illegal sale of rationed goods Black Market
Systematic killing of approximately 6 million Jews in Germany Holocaust
President during WWII Franklin Roosevelt
"Father of the Two Ocean Navy" Carl Vinson
Senator from GA who supported FDR and was a strong military advocate Richard Russell
Where was "The Little White House" located? Warm Springs, GA
What medical problem did FDR have? Polio
What was the Enola Gay? B-29 bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
What was GA's largest civilian contribution to the war? Shipbuilding
What were the ships called that were built in GA for WWII? Liberty Ships
Name two men's occupations in which women worked during WWII? Building aircraft and building ships
Why did women have to enter the workforce during WWII? Many of our men were off fighting the war.
This governor of GA cost UGA its accreditation in the early 1940's. Eugene Talmadge
Considered by many to be the best reform governors in GA's history. Ellis Arnall
Name three things that Governor Arnall accomplished during his 4-year term. Took away the Governor's power to pardon; got rid of the chain gangs; lowered the voting age to 18; helped make changes to the GA constitution; ended the poll tax and white primaries;
What agricultural changes helped Georgia grow and transform? No tenant farmers; greater use of tractors; larger but fewer farms; reduced number of crops being grown; increase in poultry farming
Mayor who helped Atlanta grow by focusing on improvements in transportation. William Hartsfield
Mayor who helped Atlanta grow by focusing on sports and entertainment. Ivan Allen, Jr.
What four systems make GA the transportation center of the Southeast? Aviation; Interstates; Railroads; and Deep Water ports
Created by: kdcollins
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