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Ch. 20, 22, 23 SG

History Study Guide

effect of the 18th amendment prohibition of alcohol
Volstead Act enforcing prohibition was the job of the treasury
KKK decline in late 1920s result of scandals and power struggles involving its leaders
UNIA promoted black pride and unity
Harlem Renaissance flowering of African American art New York
Sultan of Swat Babe Ruth
21st Amendment repealed 18th Amendment
John T. Scopes taught evolution and was subsequently arrested and put on trial
hired public relations guy, $8 of every $10 would go to them How did the KKK add membership in early 1920s?
Sacco and Vanzetti created a fuhrer, executed, anarchist from Italy
shantytowns Hoovervilles
Alfred E. Smith first Roman Catholic to be elected to run for president in 1929
stock market system of buying and selling goods
relief money given directly to the poor
foreclosed banks taking possession of properties
installment plan made small payments over periods of months
margin call demanding an investor repay loan at once
Dust Bowl from Dakotas to Texas, severely damaged from dust storm in 1930s
Herbert Hoover President during the Great Depression in 1929
Social Security Act insurance bill that gave security to elderly and unemployed
New Freedom blamed large trusts for Depression, but believed the government had to restore competition of the economy by breaking up big companies
Emergency Banking Relief Act helped solve banking crisis by declaring gold standard would not be abandoned
Agricultural Adjustment Administration payed farmers not to grow certain crops
Senator Huey Long wanted the government to share the wealth of the rich
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first movie
overproduction key cause of the Great Depression
stock market crash weakened the nation's banks because banks had invested their deposits in stock market
stock prices in the late 1920s generally reflected stock's true value
WWI Veterans in DC in 1932 Bonus March to try to get bonus that was due to them in 1945
1927 film the release of the first motion picture with sound
Cotton club Harlem night spot where many African American entertainers got their start
NAACP event in 1930 one of the greatest political triumphs with a defeat of a racist judge nominated for supreme court
investors began to sell stock Why did stock prices decline in 1929
by lowering loan rates How did the Federal reserve contribute to the Great Depression?
people lost life savings What happened when a bank collapsed during the Great Depression?
Scopes trial tested state law that banned the teaching of evolution
flappers women dressed in these in the 1920s
Eugenics pseudoscience that deals with improvement of hereditary traits
polio disease that FDR had that made him crippled
speakeasies secret bars
New Deal FDR's policies for ending the Depression
Bonus Army WWI veterans who marched in DC in 1932
mass media radio, movies, and newspapers
Hoovervilles shantytowns, shacks
bull market long period of rising stock prices
1929 stock market crash occured
Harlem center of African Am artistic thoughts in 1920s
Great Migration African Americans moved from south to north
jazz influenced by dixieland music and ragtime
Catholics in 1920s Alfred E Smith was Catholic in 1928 election
Fair Labor abolished child labor
Hundred Days time FDR passed 15 bills in 1933
gold standard one ounce of gold could be exchanged for a certain amount of dollars
broker state new deal established what some called
sit-down workers refused to leave factory
fireside chats FDR addressed people directly about ending the Great Depression
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