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Ch7 Sec 1 & 2 quiz

Economic Depression business transactions slow down, wages drop and unemployment raises
Bill of Rights protected rights for people
Executed to carry out
Land Ordinance of 1785 the NW territory slit into townships 36 sections of 640 acres
Northwest Ordinance guaranteed basic rights for settlers and outlawed slavery
Continental Congress wrote the articles of confederation
Constitution document that set out laws and principals of gov't
Executive carried out the laws
Legislative passed the laws
Judicial decided if the laws were carried out fairly
Compromise a settlement which sides gave up some of their demands to make everyone happy
3/5 Compromise for slaves. EX: If there were 5000 slaves in Virginia than only 3000 of them would be counted in the population count
Great Compromise ended up with a two house legislative but no matter what your population was you can only have one vote in the house of reps
Look at Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Shays Rebellion, Roger Sherman, James Madison, John Locke and Montesquieu on the Review sheet
Created by: scadwallader