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Safety drug category. Proven safe in controled studies Pregnancy category a
Never give this category of medication to a pregnant woman Pregnancy category X
Drugs keep in self section section area of a pharmacy Schedule 3
Substance that modifies body functions Drug
Study of drugs and their uses Pharmacology
Body of the law which will allow an injured person to obtain compensation tort
conveys medication plan to others by an order Prescription
Each menu factor gives the drug a______ name. Example Tylenol Trade
How drugs alter cell physiology pharmacodnamics
The treatment of infections and other diseases. Mondern use preferred to use of chemical to destroy cancer cells chemotherpy
Use in the scientific literature. Is simpler than the chemical name Example acetaminophen Generic
Amount of medication to be given at one time dose
Misconduct or lack of skill in caring for others in which you receive training Malpractice
Failure to use good judgment, to avoid injury to others and their properly which is in keeping with Knowledge level Negligence
Drugs that are Behind the counter you must as the pharmacists Schedule 2
Drugs are required a prescription Schedule 1
Person licensed to prepare and dispense drugs Pharmacists
Activities within the body have their a drug is administered. Pharmacokinetics
Drums that are none to call those damage to a fetus Pregnancy category D
regimen Governing frequency size number of dosage of a therapeutic agent to administer to a patient Dosage
cap capsule\caplet
tab tablet
mg\mgm millgrams
qhs every bedtime
qd every day
q\Q every
h\hr hour
qh every hour
pc after meal
ac before meal
q4h every 4 hours
++ fluids extra fuilds
post before
tid three times daily
bid twice daily
2:00 am 14:00
Administering medication Wash your hands, prepare for one person at a time, the person that pours the medication, gives medication check is my rebate for medication at eye level with the label in the palm of your hand to preventdamage or dripping
Administrating medication by alternative routes Drugs can be administered by various routes, depending on the condition, person, drug itself and the desired affect
instill medication Eye drops: holding that I dropped her close to that I, draw the order number of drops and to that I
sources of drugs Chemical- agents that may be made and the laboratory example aspirin parts of plants or produce crude drugs may be obtained from any part of the variety parts use medically animal products (pancreas)
Drug effects Local effects – a drug of fact that is localized to a specific area of the body systemic effects – is when the drug has effect within the body therapeutic effect – intended response to drugs
Tylenol 200 G mg 2 tabs po bid 200 milligam two tablets by mouth two times a day
penicillin 300 mg tab po tid penicillin 300 milligram tablet by mouth three times a day
Allergenic response Rash,pruritis – itching of skin – with or without rash, excesive tearing
Allergies Body produces anti-bodies to drug
Toxic reaction Some drugs have very narrow therapeutic window
hepatotoxicity Damage to the liver
nephrotoxicity Damage to the kidneys
ASA 325mg supp p\r Q4H prn for > 38.5c ASA 323 milligram suppository every 4 hours When necessary at 38.5Celsius
Created by: peanutsimon
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