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Ch. 3 review

Political and social reform movements in the late 1800s and early 1900s came to be grouped under the label of? Progressivism
The progressive movement was helped by a group of journalists known as ? who tried to discover corruption in society muckrakers
In 1903, Wisconsin became the first state to have? Direct primary
Democratic reforms in Oregon included the initiative and ? which allowed voters to directly propose and approve laws? Referendum
T/F: Congress passed the Pendleton Civil Service Act in 1890 to limit the power of big business and regulate its activities False
In just one term in office, this president pursued almost twice as many antitrust suits as Roosevelt had during two terms William Howard Taft
This gave the federal government the power to tax people's incomes Sixteenth Amendement
This expanded democracy by giving voters the right to directly elect senators Seventeenth Amendement
This law further prohibited monopolies and other business practices that lessened competition Clayton Antitrust Act
This is a system in which the state controls the economy Socialism
Which progressive leader opened Hull House in Chicago Jane addams
How did the methods of Carry A. Nation and Susan B. Anthony differ Nation often broke the law; Anthony usually used legal means.
Which amendment to the constitution banned the manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol? Eighteenth amendment
Which four states were the first to allow women to vote? Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado
How did World War I contribute to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment? The government needed to raise more money through taxes to pay for the war
Who personally believed in segregation and approved of the practice in the federal government? Woodrow Wilson
Who served as president of the National Woman Suffrage Association from 1892 to 1900 Susan B. Anthony
In 1919, the ? made prohibition the law of the land. Eighteenth Amendment
Journalists who helped fuel public demand for reform were known as muckrakers
Progressives thought it was unfair for businesses to gain control of industries by forming? trusts
banned the sale of impure foods and medicines Pure Food and Drug Act
appointed African Americans to Southern political offices and denounced lynching Theodore Roosevelt
allowed to directly propose laws voters
created the modern banking system Federal Reserve Act
Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle prompted President Roosevelt to sign the Meat Inspection Act
How did the Sixteenth Amendment benefit the federal government? It provided for more funds by creating an income tax
How did Roosevelt hurt the Republican candidate's chance of winning the 1912 presidential election? He entered the race on the Bull Moose ticket
What type of corruption was ended by the passage of the seventeenth amendment? bargaining for U.S. senate seats
The first states that granted women the right to vote were the west
Which of the following women served as NAWSA's first president? Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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