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Central America

African Slave Trade Blending of ethnic groups in Latin America
Panama Canal Constructed to save time shipping from East to West
Colonies European countries took control of many Caribbean islands and ruled them as
isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger landmasses.
Colombian Exchange introduced new crops, animals, and diseases to Europe and the Americas.
Slave trade In Haiti the ancestry of about 95 percent of the population is African because of
Unitary the type of government structure found in Cuba.
Cuba A country in which about 90% of the people work for the government. The central government owns factories and almost all farms in this country.
Cuban Revolution Less political freedom for Cubans.
Cuba's economy Mixed, but closer to command.
Hispaniola Most densely populated Caribbean Island.
Panama Canal regarded as an engineering wonder of the world.
The lasting impact of the Cuban Revolution less political freedom for Cubans
Tropic of Cancer Most of the caribbean Islands lie south of this
Greater Antilles Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica
Hispaniola Haiti shares this island with the Dominican Republic
An embargo was used to stop all trade with Cuba Fidel Castro lied to US President Kennedy about starting democracy in Cuba and he allowed the Soviet Union to store long-range missiles in Cuba. President Kennedy placed
Quota A trade barrier which limits the amount of goods that can be imported into a country
Tariff a tax on imports that would protect jobs within a country
literacy rate and standard of living a higher literacy rate has a direct connection to a higher standard of living
Triangular Trade slave trade from African to the Americas by Europeans.
Blending of ethnic groups in Latin America effect of the African Slave Trade
Panama Canal constructed to save time shipping goods from East to West
Isthmus Part of a narrow strip of land connecting two larger landmasses
Toussaint L'Ouverture led a slave army in a revolt against the French
Unitary type of government structure in Cuba
Mixed the type of economy in Cuba
Fidel Castro lied to President Kennedy about starting democracy in Cuba
The higher the standard of living they higher the literacy rate
Subsistence Farming farming to grow just enough food to feed one's family
Toussaint L"Ouverture leader of the Haiti's independence movement against the French
Cuban Revolution revolution led by Fidel Castro that brought communism to Cuba
Placement of Soviet missiles in Cuba almost led to WWIII
Abolish to end something; to put a stop to
Unitary central government operates all levels of government in the country
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