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Chap6 - Texas Battle

Chap. 6 (4th Grade) - Texas History - Texas battles, Alamo

was commander in chief of the Texan army; led Texas to independence and was the first president of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston
led a troop of 17 volunteers from Tennessee to fight at the Alamo David Crockett
would not cross the line that Travis drew because he didn't want to battle at the Alamo. Moses Rose
was put in prison after meeting with Santa Anna in Mexico; the revolution began not long after he returned to Texas. Stephen F. Austin
led the Texans at the Alamo after Bowie became ill. William Travis
Mexican general who attacked the Alamo. Santa Anna
was sent to tell Sam Houston of the Mexican victory at at the Alamo. Susanna Dickinson
was famous for using the knife named after him; helped train Texas soldiers. James Bowie
1 reason why Texas fought against Santa Anna Texas wanted to gain it's independence
Another reason why Texas fought against Santa Anna Texas thought the taxes were too high
Runaway Scrape When the Texans fled eastward to get away from Santa Anna
Treaty a formal agreement between 2 countries
Treaty of Velasco Santa Anna said that he would stop fighting, give back prisoners and remove the Mexican forces from Texas
Tax money paid to the government in exchange for goods/services
Siege surrounding of a place by the enemy
Created by: renaetelford