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achieve v. to successfully complete sth. or get a good result, especially by working hard
community n. the people who live in the same area, town etc.
design n. the art or process of making a drawing of sth. to show how you will make it
institute n. the building where this organization is based
potential adj. likely to develop into a particular type of person or thing in the future [= possible]
restrict v. to limit or control the size, amount, or range of sth.
acquire v. to obtain sth. by buying it or being given it
complex adj. consisting of many different parts and often difficult to understand
distinct adj. clearly different or belonging to a different type
invest v. to buy shares, property, or goods because you hope that the value will increase and you can make a profit
previous adj. having happened or existed before the event, time, or thing that you are talking about now
secure n. a situation that is secure is one that you can depend on because it is not likely to change
administer v. to manage the work or money of a company or organization
compute v. to calculate a result, answer, sum etc
element n. one part or feature of a whole system, plan, piece of work etc, especially one that is basic or important
item n. a single thing, especially one thing in a list, group, or set of things
primary adj. most important [= main]
seek v. to try to achieve or get sth.
affect v. to do sth. that produces an effect or change in sth. or in someone's situation
conclude v. to decide that sth. is true after considering all the information you have
equate v. to consider that two things are similar or connected
journal n. a serious magazine produced for professional people or those with a particular interest
purchase v. to buy sth.
select v. to choose sth. or someone by thinking carefully about which is the best, most suitable etc.
appropriate adj. correct or suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose
conduct v. to carry out a particular activity or process, especially in order to get information or prove facts
evaluate v. to judge how good, useful, or successful sth. is [= assess]
maintain v. to make sth. continue in the same way or at the same standard as before
range n. a number of people or things that are all different, but are all of the same general type
site n. a place where sth. important or interesting happened
aspect n. one part of a situation, idea, plan etc that has many parts
consequent adj. happening as a result of a particular event or situation
feature n. a part of sth. that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical
normal adj. usual, typical, or expected
region n. a large area of a country or of the world, usually without exact limits [= area]
strategy n. a planned series of actions for achieving sth.
assist v. to help someone to do sth.
construct v. to build sth. such as a house, bridge, road etc
final adj. last in a series of actions, events, parts of a story etc
obtain v. to get sth. that you want, especially through your own effort, skill, or work [= get]
regulate v. to control an activity or process, especially by rules
survey n. a set of questions that you ask a large number of people to find out about their opinions or behaviour
category n. a group of people or things that are all of the same type
consume v. to use time, energy, goods etc
focus v. to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this
participate v. to take part in an activity or event
relevant adj. directly relating to the subject or problem being discussed or considered
text n. any written material
chapter n. one of the parts into which a book is divided
credit n. an arrangement with a shop, bank etc allows you to buy sth. and pay for it later on credit
impact n. the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or sth.
perceive v. to understand or think of sth. or someone in a particular way [↪ perception]
reside v. to live in a particular place
tradition n. a belief, custom, or way of doing sth. that has existed for a long time, or these beliefs, customs etc in general
commission n. a group of people who have been given the official job of finding out about sth or controlling sth.
culture n. the beliefs, way of life, art, and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society
injure v. to hurt yourself or someone else, for example in an accident or an attack [↪ wound]
positive adj. if you are positive about things, you are hopeful and confident, and think about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad [≠ negative]
resource n. land/oil/coal etc sth such as useful land, or minerals such as oil or coal, that exists in a country and can be used to increase its wealth
transfer v. move to different place etc to move from one place to another, or to make someone do this, especially within the same organization
Created by: Doris1986
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