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Early America

Federalism The belief in a strong, centralized government
Nationalism Where government policies, laws, philosophies, and decisions are made as a result of patriotism.
Judicial Nationalism The power of the Courts controlling state affairs and rights
Economic Nationalism A body of policies that emphasize domestic control of the economy
George Washington The first president; created the foreign policy of isolationism; no party; the Jay Treaty was written under his command.
John Adams The second president; Federalist/isolationism; ended treaty of 1788 with France; Alien & Sedition Acts
Thomas Jefferson The third president; "Republican"/isolationism; started the 1804 war with Tripoli; created the Embargo Act of 1807; created the Republican party
James Madison The fourth president; "Republican"/involvement; started the War of 1812
James Monroe The fifth president; "Republican"/protectionism; Monroe Doctrine; Nationalism
Alexander Hamilton The creator of the Federalist Party
Alien & Sedition Acts Lengthened the amount of time for immigrants to become citizens, allowed the president to jail or deport any immigrants who were involved in activities that threatened the government, and made encouraging rebellion against the government a crime
Washington's Farewell Address The speech given by Washington to announce that he would not run again for president and give the advice of not forming political parties and isolationism
Isolationism The foreign policy of remaining separate from the political affairs of other countries.
XYZ Affair The event of the French leader sending three agents to demand money for American ship protection.
Impressment The act of kidnapping sailors and forcing them to fight in the military.
War of 1812 The war against the British that involved the attempted taking of Canada (Approximately 3 years)
Monroe Doctrine A declaration in 1823 stating that the Western hemisphere was off limits to European colonization and interference
John Marshall Supreme Court Chief Justice—Wrote decisions that strengthened federal power and encouraged the growth of capitalism
McCulloch v Maryland (1819) Supreme Court Case that confirmed Congress' ability to create a national bank free from state interference. (Federalistic policy)
Gibbons v Ogden (1824) Supreme Court case that stated that only Congress could regulate interstate commerce.
Early American Art Folk Art (Arts & Crafts)—Hudson River School (Landscape to advertise american land)—Audubon (Scientific images of animals)—George Catlin (painted Natives compassionately)
Era of Good Feelings A time period during mainly the presidency of Monroe (approx. 1816-1825) during which there was a surge of patriotism, and national and political unity.
Jay Treaty Got rid of British troops in Ohio Valley
Foreign Policy The president's guideline for interaction with other countries/nations.
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