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Terms for Year


rotation spin around an object
revolution to spin while turning
tropic of cancer line of latitude 23 degrees 1/2 north of equator
tropic of capricorn 23 degress 1/2 south of equator
arctic circle a line of latitude 23 degrees 1/2 of south of north pole
anaractic circle a line of latitude 23 degrees 1/2 from south pole
Winter solstice the shortest light but longest night December 21st
Summer solstice the longest daylight but shortest night June 23
vernal equinox 12 hours of daylight and night Spring
autumnal equinox 12 hours of daylight and night fall
relative location using landmarks to find a place
globe/sphere a three deminsional circle
contenient large land mass that rises above the ocean
island a trasct of land
pennisula an area of land, almost completely surrounded by water, except for an isthmus connecting to the mainland
desert a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only begetation or no vegetation at all
mountain a natural elevation of the arth's surface rising more or less abrubtly to a summit
archipleago a large group or chain of islands
platueau a land having a relatively level surface raised above adjoining land on at least one side
mesa a land formation less extensive than a plateau
physical map a map that hsows mountains, oceans, natural features
political map man made features
themeatrical picks a theme then issustrates it on a map
cartographer someone who makes maps
coastal plains an area of level land usually at low eleveation and with grass along the coast
basin area of land drained and braches; an area of land surrounded by land of higher eleveation
canyon a deep and narrow valley with steep walls
harbor a sheltered place along the shoreline where ships can anchor safely
glacier a large thick body of slowly moving ice
valley an area of low land, usually between mountains or hills
volcano mountain of hill created as liquid rock and ash except from insdie the earth
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