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Graphic Design 11-13

Alphonse Mucha A Czech artist. Designed for actress Sarah Bernhardt. (Gismonda) due by new years day. He made it and went crazy popular. Amazing, huge stain-glass looking pictures (central female figure). Influenced Art Nouveau.
Art Nouveau New art. Organic, plant-like lines that influenced art, architecture, furniture, etc. (1890-1910). Formed a bridge between victorian and modernism. Heavily influenced by Asians. (International)
Charles Rennie Macintosh married margaret mcdonald. He and the four developed a geometric, tall image with curvilinear lines. fairyland. (Gesture looking one with black bg). Rising vertical lines. Contributed the new century's architecture.
Cubism background and figure were abstracted into geometric planes.
Dada Anti-art movement that reacted against WWI. (Zurach) Met in Switzerland. Data artists and writers were considered shock, prostest, and nonesense. Developed literary movement. Didn't even agree on origin of name but agreed that war was bad.
Edward Penfield Rivaled Bradley and Rhead. He worked for HARPER'S MAGAZINE Influenced by Japanese prints. Golden Age of American Illustration. Father of American poster.
Ethel Reed First American woman recognized as a good graphic designer and illustrator. Massachusetts. Book illustrator and poster designer. Designed for COPELAND AND DAY. Work disappeared at age 22. MYSTERYYY!!
Eugene Grasset Rivaled with Cheret. Swiss born. Medieval maidens with thick black lines. Like coloring book style or stained glass. flat. The frist illustrator/designer to rival Cheret in public. Influenced by Japanese woodcut style
FT Marinetti Leading futurist who wrote the futurist manifesto (published in Paris newspaper Le Figaro).
Fernand Leger Evolved cubism to pretty much just form and shape (circular and color).
Fortunato Depero poster, typographic, and advertising design works was DYNAMIC. He was part of the futurist movement. He worked in NY, and designed covers for VANITY FAIR, MOVIE MAKERS, and SPARKS.
Frances Macdonald/Margaret Macdonald 2 sisters who were day students at THE STUDIO. They married other macs. They designed the Glasgow Institute of the Fine Art.
Frank Lloyd Wright European architect, designer, really believed in white space in design. Inspired by Japanese architecture. Operated his own little printing press. Geometric, VERY VERY DETAILED EDGES.
Futurism Launched when FILIPPO MARINETTI published his manifesto of futurism in paris newspaper. It was a poetry movement that urged noise, speed, technology. Typography styles expressed what was being said. Diregarded old and wanted new. Especially painters.
Henri Van de Velde designed interior of bing's gallery (salon de I'Art Nouveau). He did all the artsy stuff. He created only one poster but said form shared a common language. Turned Glasgow school into a unified style. He wasn't literal but communicated through formncolor
Jugendstijl German art nouveau. Called jugendstil after a magazine called jugend. Strong French and British influences.
Jules Cheret created huge posters and got away from Victorian complexity. His posters showed idealized beauty and a carefree, energetic lifestyle. He transformed the walls of Paris with crazy bright colors and archetype women.
Koloman Moster Key member of Vienna Secession. style was symbolic, mystical symbols in a simple 2d space. Vienna rejected floral style of the french. Glasgow style.
Kurt Schwitters German. Merz from Kommerz. His piece combined Dada and strong design principles. Rejected by the Dada group.
Louis Rhead British Born. willowy maidens like grasset but not pastel colors. very unexpected color combinations. decorative embellishments from victorian ages. Joined William Bradley and became 2 major American art nouveau-inspired graphic design and illustration.
Man Ray Applied Dada because of Duchamp and surrealism to photography. part of the modern movement in photography. first with negative prints
Marcel Duchamp French painter who was part of the DADA movement. Made a urinal into art. Painted mustache on mona lisa copy to remind everyone they had lost their renaissance spirit.
Pablo Picasso Started cubism. composed paintings from geometric, rhythmic planes. Also intro paper collage.
Peter Behrens Worked for Jugend mag. multi-colored, abstract (inspired by Egyptian artifacts), woodblock prints. German guy. 25 pg booklet with FIRST SANS SERIF. Director of dusseldorf school. geometric structure and frequent rectangles.
Rene Magritte drew the fish man. maintained poetic dialogue between reality and fiction (illusion) well. Surrealist
Salvador Dali Surrealist. He had depth in his paintings and prints inspired graphic designers to use more depth in their works.
Surrealism Realistic but not reality. Sometimes a visual tricky. Magic of dreams and spirit of rebellion
The Modern Movement in Photography photography started following the dada movement and was experimented with in different exposures and such.
Toulouse-Lautrec Drew up the nightlife of Paris. He was crippled and turned to art. The decorative flatness, and echo the spontaneous glimpses of photography. Highly influenced by Ukiyo-E.
Vienna Secession Austria 1897. VCAA resigned in protest. The issues were that foreign artists couldn't exhibit and traditional and new ideas clashed. The new ideas came from France, England, and Germany. Images started to get symbolic and counterparted France's flowers
Will Bradley Too poor so he self-taught. IGNITED art noveau in America with his work from INLAND PRINTER and CHAP BOOK. Followed Beardsley and would be called the "American Beardsley"
Ukiyo-E Asian art that was flat and usually of flowers and women. Created from woodblocks
Aubrey Beardsley Really pissed off William Morris. Exotic imagery, cult figures, kelmscott influence. Morris wanted to sew him for making evil art. His works are in the first volume of "Studio" magazine. He is the enfant terrible of art nouveau.
Maxfield Parrish Rejected by Brandywine and told to develop his own style. His style was a romantic and idealized world. land of fantasy with pristine color and idealized drawing.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508
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