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chapter 7 vocabulary

1.)Jim crow laws- segregation laws enacted in the south after reconstruction.
2.)poll tax- sum of money to be paid before a person could vote.
3.)literacy test- reading and writing tests formerly used in some southern states to prevent African Americans from voting.
4.)grandfather clause- law to disqualify African American voters by allowing to vote only men whose fathers and grandfathers voted before.
5.)spoils system- practice of the political party in power giving jobs and appointments to its supporters, rather than to people based on their qualifications.
6.)civil service- government departments and their nonelected employees.
7.)Pendleton civil service act- law that created a civil service system for the federal government in an attempt to hire employees on a merit system rather than on a spoils system.
8.)gold standard- policy of designating monetary units in terms of their value in gold.
9.)grange- farmers organization formed after the civil war.
10.)populist party- peoples party; political party formed in 1891 to advocate a larger money supply and other economic reforms.
11.)las gorras blancas (sec. 1 vocab) (the white caps)group of Mexican Americans living in new Mexico who attempted to protect their land and way of life from encroachment by white landowners.
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