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SS chapter 8

What is the date that the Colonist declared their independence from Great Britain? July 4, 1776
The famous tea party where colonist through tea from a British ship harbour Boston Tea Party
Know the thirteen colonies! they are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina
the famous general in charge of the southern army Nathaniel Green
the battle of____led to the British surrender and led the patriots to win the war York Town
the ____ is when the Cherokee were forced to travel to Oklahoma with little supplies. Thousands of people died on this journey Trail of Tears
what year did governor John W. Ellis open the railroad 1856
public school schools that the government pays for with tax
toll a fee
treaty a written agreement
revival bringing back an old interest
clubbing when neighbors travel together to take their crops or animals to markets
barter to trade one thing for another with out using money
brand a mark to identify animals
James Maddison know as the father of the constitution, Fourth President
Dolley Maddison The only first Lady in history to come from NC
constitution a plan for government
democracy a government based on the will of the people
convetion a meeting of people for a common purpose
Halifax resolves this document stated that North Carolina and other colonies should declare independence from Great Britian
resolve an official decision
loyalist people who were loyal to England
patriots colonists that believed the colonies should be independent from Great Britian
congress a group of representatives who meet to solve problems
Margaret Tryon her father was royal governor her family lived at Tryon Palace
Militia a group of citizens who serve when they are called
reveloution when people fight to replace one government with a different government
how does your life compare to the life of a child from the back country my life is easier than children in the back country, they had to work harder.
Created by: lilmesha77
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